YoYoFactory Fall Buyers Guide 2012: 7075 Catalyst

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January 4, 2012


7075 Catalyst
Diameter: 56.4 mm
Width: 43 mm
Material: 7075
Pads Bearings: Natural Pads, Large Center Trac
Weight: 65.5 Grams


Augie on the 7075 Catalyst:
Throw harder and play harder. The flat area thats I think looks better. It feels more stable, plays effortless. Good all around player. It’s like it’s Ken in Street fighter.


Tyler says:
Can be directed anywhere you want it to go. Sideways, 3D, frontstyle, sidestyle. Perfect weight for stage play or at home. Incredibly stable.


Harold Owens Pro Setup:
“String: type 6 100% polyester yellow  (length: belly buttton to floor)
Pads: standard white yoyofactory silicone stickers
Bearing: stock center trac”


The original Catalyst is kind of floating, but the new one is more solid and stable.


Mr X (player we don’t sponsor but got comment from): Super fast light quick yoyo. Built for precision speed, ergonomic. Its comfortable to throw and catch. Feels light, which I didn’t expect from a 7075 version, the re-weighting did it wonders and I like it.


Final Word: ‘This is REALLY GOOD’ – Multiple World Champion who we don’t sponsor




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