YoYoFactory Fall Buyers Guide 2012: Equilateral

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January 4, 2012


Hiroyuki Suzuki X YoYoFactory

Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 46 mm
Material: 6061
Pads Bearings: White YYF, Large Center Trac
Weight: 66.9 Grams
Comes with spare SPEC bearing, spare Pads and YoYoFactory Multi Tool



Tyler Says:
Light, but sleeps and plays heavy. Good yoyos do this. Great for Eli Hop tricks.


Ben says:
The Gap is bigger than Mickeys other yoyos. This is very YoYoFactory. Tiny bit of kick back at first, but with a tiny throw adjustment is easily fixed. Mickey likes a bit more response, for that we suggest our new Natural Pad.




Pats Says: I wrote a whole bunch on this but here is the key – “Can’t put it down” “competition ready” “spins like a truck and comes back to your hand with a thud even after my longest combos”


Mr X says:
Plays a bit slow for me, I expected a Mickey yoyo to be faster, but does let you enjoy yo-yoing and the tricks. Fun and enjoyment is not a speed contest. Spins longer than you need it for.




TIP: The mirror caps come with a protective cover. If you want to keep it mint, dont peel it off. If you want to show it off, let it shine



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