YoYoFactory Fall Buyers Guide 2012: Loop 808

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January 4, 2012


Why looping matters and Why the loop360 matters for looping?


Notice that? Loop360? Well that in essence what the loop808 is. The Loop808 is a special edition of the soon to be released loop360. It is a yoyo somewhat out of time, out of price and out of the everyday. It has one purpose….bring back the notion that looping IS the most respected style of yoyo play.


It will attempt to put product in more peoples hands that:
1) works well
2) doesnt require effort to maintain
3) doesnt cost too much
4) wont break easily
5) inspire them to take looping play more seriously


Premier looping yoyos of $30 a hand and/or that break easily and/or require skill to maintain are scaring people away from the most visually appealing style of yoyo. So its time for us to take away the excuses.


$10 a hand, pick them up and play.


Official Specs
Diameter: 57.75 mm / 2.27 inches
Width: 26.55 mm / 1.04 inches
Gap Width: 2.65 mm / .10 inches
Weight: 52.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size A
Response: CBC Small Bearing Silicone O-Ring


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