YoYoFactory Fall Buyers Guide 2012: Roll Model

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January 4, 2012


Roll Model


Part of the YoYoFactory Champions Collection (WAVE 1)
Diameter: 53.8mm
Width: 40mm
Material: 6061
Pads Bearings: Large White YYF Slim, Large SPEC
Weight: 66.8 Grams



Steves Brief:
“I’ve been a professional yo-yo player since 1995. I’ve thrown hundreds and hundreds of yo-yos, from the latest and greatest to doing a few loops with an original 1928 Flores…and finally I feel like I’ve found my perfect throw. Designed collaboratively by YoYoFactory and myself, the Roll Model represents everything I love in a yo-yo; speed, stability, and undeniable performance. Perfect for nearly any style of play, it’s great as a daily carry or a competition throw.”


Tyler says: “Perfectly fits into the pocket.  Perfect for string rejections. Unique feel of a plastic yoyo but with pro performance. Im actually a bit jealous. I love capped yoyos and this may be the best metal one YoYoFactory has made”


Pat Says: “Definitely the most fun yo-yo in the Champion’s Collection. Surprisingly dead smooth for a metal yo-yo with caps… it doesn’t feel hollow or make any funny sounds”


Steve Brown Pro Set Up:
“stock pads, and whatever string is closest to my hand when I need to change. Anything from the YYF green poly to Type 8 cotton to Slick 6.
When I first met Bob Rule, he was playing with these cheap orange promotional yo-yos from some orange juice campaign from the 80s. I was amazed at how good he was with them, and said something to him about it. He told me “I’m a yo-yo demonstrator. My job isn’t to be picky about my equipment, it’s to make my equipment look good.”
I’m still picky about my yo-yos, but I’ve never allowed myself to get picky about string or pads. It’s my nod to Bob.”



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