YoYoFactory Fall Buyers Guide 2012: Stacked Catalyst

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January 4, 2012


Catalyst (stacked)
Diameter: 51 mm
Width: 43 mm
Material 6061
Pads – Bearings: TBD
Weight: 68 Grams


NOTE: this yoyo is not yet in final release state. As tested it was RAW. In production expect a beadblast finish and anodize.




Tyler Says: Could be the new flagship premium hubstack yoyo. Great Z-stack play.


Mr X says: Super solid throw, smooth like glass. Its got a bit of weight to it that makes it feel like a weapon of choice.


Pat says:
Catalyst 7075 Flat Face vs Hubstacked
I want to like the flat face version more, it is definitely the better looking of the two, but the hubstacked version with nubs plays nearly PERFECT. The 7075 definitely helps them feel a bit more solid than the standard version and since I prefer a shiny finish over a blasted finish, they are just all around better yo-yos when compared to the standard catalyst IMO. Like the original Catalyst, they both benefit greatly with the addition of a Center Trac bearing. If you loved the Catalyst before, you will definitely dig the upgrade… if you have never tried a Catalyst and just want a solid competition / practice yo-yo, jump on it.


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