YoYoFactory West Coast Tour: Day off in San Francisco

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August 24, 2012


After a great week on the road, we’re taking a day off to visit San Francisco. We got into town just in time for lunch. Big Lantern was the spot today. One of the best Chinese joints in the Mission.



San Francisco wasn’t designed for our Tour Van, so we parked it and took the bus out for a day of shopping.



A must on any trip to the Bay is Amoeba Records. With one of the largest selections in the country, it’s a mecca for music lovers. We found some great, hard to find records during this visit.



Haight and Ashbury was a haven for hippies in the 60’s but now it’s home to some great shopping. Stussy, Super 7, Kid Robot and True just to name a few.



Next it was off to visit one of our favorite stores in the city, Fatlace. YoYoFactory has worked with this great boutique on several projects including the BAC Friday Night Party where we released the Avant Garde 2.



You know you’re in the right spot when there’s Yo-Yo string holding the door open for you.




Inside the clean, minimalist interior of Fatlace you’ll find top tier Nike, The North Face, G Shock, their in-house label Illest….



… and YoYoFactory. Fatlace has been one of our premiere retailers in the Bay Area for years.



If you visit Fatlace, chances are the person behind the counter yo-yos. Daniel and Tim were holding down the shop today. Thanks to the Fatlace/Illest family for hanging out and hooking us up with some sweet gear!


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