Shu Takada Loop 1080

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November 14, 2012



After Shu Takada dominated the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest with the YoYoFactory Loop900, we sat him down and started working on ways to improve the Loop900 design. The adjustment mechanism was improved and moved from being off centered to the very center of the yo-yo halve. The plastic spacers were resized and slightly re-designed and the weight and shape were very slightly altered. The result of all of these changes yielded an entirely new yo-yo that proved its worth by winning the USA National Yo-Yo Contest on production prototypes! Whether you are a top level 2A player looking for the best looping yo-yo or a beginner looking to take your looping skills to the next level, the Loop1080 has a setting for you.


51.6 Grams
58.4 mm Diameter
33.46 mm Wide







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