YoYoFactory Champions Collection Wave 2

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November 14, 2012

YoYoFactory is proud to present the 2nd wave of Champions Collection. We’ve put together a great range of Yo-Yos, from the bright pink Paul Han ONEstar to the silky matte black Miguel Correa Genesis+. We have new, original models like the machined plastic Severe for Tyler Severance, Harold Owen III’s H.O.T. or the game changing Shu Takada Loop1080. We’ve even brought on a new twist on a classic with the Victor Gravitsky Protostar. And, the icing on the cake, a new yo-yo with an old friend, the Proton with Kentaro Kimura.


Please Check out the individual posts of each model for the full story on each model, plus specs and detailed photos. Expect the YoYoFactory Champions Collection to hit your favorite specialty retailer around the 1st week of December!


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