YoYoFactory x Turning Point Kentaro Kimura Proton

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November 14, 2012


In 2009, the style of yo-yoing known as ‘3A’ changed forever when Kentaro Kimura walked in stage at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Kentaro’s 1st place routine from that year is still held as one of the most exciting and mind-blowing routines to have ever been performed on the World stage. In combination with Kentaro and his ultra high end yo-yo company, Turning Point, we have created an all new model, the Proton. Pulling design influence from Turning Point yo-yos and YoYoFactory yo-yos, the Proton offers a very unique feel and world champion level performance.


66.3 Grams
55.44 mm Diameter
41.7 mm Wide






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