Rewind Video featuring Pat Mitchell and the Loop 1080

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January 25, 2013

Yo-yoing has always been a very personal hobby of mine. I never planned on advertising or promoting myself very much outside of attending yo-yo competitions because for me, yo-yoing is a creative outlet that I take part in purely for the joy that I get out of it. Ironically enough, over the years my yo-yoing has caught the attention of people/companies who have sponsored me, sent me around the world, put me on nationwide television, and allowed me the opportunity to share my love of this hobby by performing in front of crowds around the globe. The experience has been amazing and I have learned a very big lesson in the amount of success that a person can have by simply finding something that they are truly passionate about and focusing on it, even if only for the reason that they just love doing it.


The below video, shot by Hironori Mii from Yo-Yo Store REWIND of Japan, is a short and simple compilation of some of my older and more favorite tricks. Enjoy!


– Patrick Mitchell


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