Fort Collins YoYo Contest

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March 25, 2013

Fort Collins YoYo Contest


Learning Express
2720 Council Tree Ave  Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 282-6501

April 13th at 11 am – 2 pm.


Competitors are separated by age. All these tricks can be learned from the YoYoFactory Playbook, available from the YoYoFactory Pros or learn the tricks online at
Everyone gets 2 tries per trick. When you’ve done all the tricks you know how, that’s your score. Whoever does the most on the list WINS!
Classic Tricks:
1. Sleeper
2. Forward Pass
3. Walk The Dog
4. Break Away
5. Rock The Baby
6. Bikini
7. Elevator
8. Around The Corner
9. UFO
10. Sky Rocket
The player with the most tricks at the end will be crowned Fort Collins Yo-Yo Champion!
If more then 1 players is left in a tie, a long sleeper contest will be held to decide
the winner.


Advanced Division


We’re requesting that all music be brought on a portable electronic music
player. Player should have a 3.5 mm (standard headphone plug size) to be


Positive points shall be awarded for advanced level tricks or trick elements
performed successfully. Variations of tricks and elements shall be fully


Repeated tricks, repeated trick elements and repeated mounts may be
scored at a lower value or not scored at all.
In all divisions, 1-point shall be deducted for :
Missing Trick Elements
Loss Of Control

Major Deductions will be made for:
YoYo Restart
YoYo Switch

Scores will be calculated using the following break down:

Positive/Negative : 80 Point Maximum
Net Scores (positive points minus negative points) shall be normalized to 80.

Performance Evaluation: 20 Point Maximum
Judges will score on a 0-20 point scale based on Showmanship, Music Use, Creativity, Risk, etc.

Freestyles will be 2 minutes in length.


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