YoYoFactory Ricochet- A Titanium Modern Classic

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March 8, 2013


When we set out to design the Ricochet we wanted to make a classic. The material is Titanium. Known for it’s amazing strength and luster. The performance is in the play, not in a complicated shape. A modern classic, for the players of today and the future.


Not only does Titanium have a low density, it’s very strong. It’s naturally lustrous and is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio which gives us the ability to have less weight in the wall, and more where it counts, on the rim. Traditionally it is used in aerospace products such as airplane wing supports and jet engines, as well as in armor plating. It also has a ‘feel’ unlike anything else you can make a yoyo from. It feels special because it is special. So special in fact, we numbered every yo-yo. 1 of 500.


March 17th 2013 Worldwide Release Date. Approx $199 USD.


Only one question remains…. Would you take advantage of the ability to throw sparks when you Walk the Dog or covet it, in its’ display case?



66.8 Grams
50mm Diameter
39mm Width
4.6mm Gap


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