YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour in Colorado

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April 10, 2013

We’ve been having an amazing time these past 2 weeks in Colorado. Tons of new faces coming out to learn how to do awesome yo-yo tricks and lots of excited new yo-yo players.




Be sure to check out this weekend events in Colorado Springs. Every day after school YoYoFactory will be at YoYoLoco. And on Saturday we’ll be working with them to host the Colorado Springs Yo-Yo Contest!




In ever city we’re also throwing a City Yo-Yo Championships that everyone is invited to come out and participate in. No matter their skill level, everyone tried their tricks and has a good time.


In the end, everyone is a winner and walks away with a prize back full of cool YoYoFactory gear.




Hope to see you out at the next YoYoFactory tour in your area!


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