Luis Breaks Down the Features of his Genesis Models

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September 9, 2013

If you follow our Facebook Page you probably saw our Pre-Worlds prep for the team. Part of what we do here at YoYoFactory is provide the best possible equipment to our team. When Luis came to us and asked that we make special version of the popular Genesis, we couldn’t say no! The first, and most noticeable change was we added a small step in the inner wall to cut down even more friction when in horizontal tricks. The next part was where it got tricky, the weight. Luis had some ideas, but he really needed to feel the weights to decide. So we ended up with 3 different weights, each denoted by color. Luis actually ended up using a 2 different weighted versions at Worlds to capture 3rd place! He used orange at prelims because it was the heaviest and let him power through his tricks and rack up the points. Then he moved on to the Pink for Semis and Finals.


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