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May 21, 2014

In 2003 YoYoFactory released its first yo-yo the FAST 201. The first day release happened simultaneously in Arizona and at the USA National YoYo Contest.
I remember the day pretty vividly, it was a big deal. i can remember explaining the new yo-yo and the concept behind the company to one of the national yo-yo masters who was shopping for a souvenir yoyo for the contest. He politely put the yoyo down and bought something else. it was a disheartening moment until this little kid who had overheard the explanation asked to take a look at it and bought the yo-yo.
That kid went on to win that contest for years later and here, a decade on, we are proud to announce he is joining our team.

Welcome to YoYoFactory Eric Koloski.


USA National Champion 2008
2nd Place USA National Champion 2007, 2009
3rd Place 1A World Champion 2006
Reigning Triple Crown 1A Champion

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