Birthday: February 25
Location: Moscow
Current favorite throw: Supernova
Pro Yo League 1 – PRO 1A – 1st
Pro Yo League 2 – PRO 1A – 1st
Pro Yo League 3 – PRO 1A – 3rd
Pro Yo League 4 – PRO 1A – 3rd
YoYoFactory Fun Contest 2009 – 1A – 3rd
Pro Yo League 6 1a – 1st
YoYoFactory fun contest 2009 horizontal rotation – 3rd


Aero-Yo-Fest 2011 1a – 3rd
ASSYC 2010 blind Contest – 3rd
RYYC 2010 Afterparty Contest – 1A – 1st
RYYC 2010 Afterparty Contest – Blind Contest – 1st
Moscow Yo-Yo Contest – Blind Contest – 1st
ASYYC 2011 – Blind Contest – 1st
AERO Yo Fest 2011 – YYF 3×3 Battle – 1st

YoYoFactory Contest Team in SuperStar Division @ ASYYC 2012

Last week was the Amateur Spring Yo-Yo Contest in Russia. On hand were YoYoFactory team members, and they did very well.


Igor Galiev 2nd 1A SuperStar Division

Victor Gravitsky 4th 1A SuperStar Division



Aleksandr Pelevin 1A SuperStar Division


Three Old Friends

We can across this great video featuring YoYoFactory Contest Team member Aleksandr Pelevin and his friends Aleksandr Markovsky and Kirill Honichev. Amazing scenery to accompany the tricks and music.


YoYoFactory Presents: Alexander Pelevin

YoYoFactory Presents: A Protege Video, Joe and Mark. Alexander does two things: studying and training his skill. And these two things helped him to get YYF team. How he says: “When I’ve started to play with yo-yo I didn’t thought that it will bring me new horizons. I‘ve made good break in my yoyoing for small time, I have achieved not bad results in competitions and now I’m in respectful YoYoFactory Team. That’s great. But I know that I’m on the beginning and I’ll try to do the best I can!”