B-Grade NINE Dragons


B-Grade NINE Dragons


These again?

Last chance (YES!)

lower price!

no color option so we can just get you the best player. Its all about the finish on these. not up to A-grade with small defects.

may ship with flat bearing

Typically bubble mailer will be used

will be hand tested prior to shipping

"All of the YoYoFactory B-Grade yo-yos have some sort of cosmetic defect or minor vibe. They still play great, but didn't make the cut for official production runs.

Photos are indicative of color only. laser marks, ano defects, and other marks will vary. The yo-yos are unpackaged and will ship with one string.

Warranty: Slight vibe and cosmetic defects not covered. If your yoyo comes with a dud bearing or wobbles like a ball you know we will take care of you."

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