YoYoFactory X YoYoExpert Mystery Box Buyers Club #2!

Welcome Back to the Mystery Box Buyer's Club! We started the first Mystery Box Club in April with the promise of delivering multiple Mystery Boxes throughout 2017.  Buy into the club and you are guaranteed the opportunity to stay in the club and buy the next box before it sells out (usually lightning fast!)  Not part of the club yet?  No worries - we will have some for a main release but act fast!  (Buying the 2nd box gets you in the club too!)

Introducing the 2nd Box in the series!
For this second release we wanted to give you a few more options, so we have 3 different mystery box options!  Each box has completely different yo-yos, no overlaps, and each box is guaranteed to contain at least 1 metal yo-yo and a total retail value of over $100!

How does the Buyer's Club work?!
Participating in this first Mystery Box Release will automatically enroll you into the new YoYoFactory Buyer's Club!  Simply purchase this box and you are *guaranteed* a chance to purchase box #3 later this year!  Like what you get?! (We think you will!)  Just stay in the club. The purchase of each box guarantees you get the first opportunity to buy the next box in line!  A total of Four Mystery box releases planned for 2017!

You can join the fun at https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/buyers-club-mystery-box-2

World YoYo Contest 2017 Semi Finals Results!

Day 2 of the World YoYo Contest in Iceland is a wrap! YoYoFactory had a great turn out of competitors who are going to finals and we cannot wait to see the showdown for the World Title tomorrow! Congratulations to everyone who's made it this far! You can see everyone's routines below along with the full results from today!


Support the 2017 World YoYo Contest!

The 2017 World YoYo Contest is 100% funded by sponsors, participants and retail sales of event merchandise. There is no national association slush fund. This is the first time this has been attempted since the World YoYo Contest became a mobile event (not anchored in Orlando).

The contest HAS been funded by these means. The scalability of resources and fiscal responsibility of the organizing team to deliver the event will see a contest that runs at close to its expected income. It's not a profit making venture but obviously a loss would be placed directly on individuals so that wouldn't be ideal either.

The indiegogo platform has been used to increase the reach of distributing event merchandise, with all proceeds going to the contest. It also broadens the reach to individual sponsors.

We encourage everyone to support competitive yoyo by either

A) making a purchase to support the event

B) increasing the awareness of the contest on social media by either sharing the indiegogo campaign or even reposting the live feed during the contest so more of the world sees the contest

Thanks to all who have already contributed, those supporting through their attendance and of course the sponsors!

Polo Garbkanol - Serene

Polo has been changing the game when it comes to trick creativity and originality. With his newest video, Serene, his unique and jaw dropping style comes to life as he continues to blow you away with each and every trick. Polo is using his signature edition Horizon Ultra in this video.

Chandler Steele Wins MER 2017!

Back to back MER 1A Champion Chandler Steele is back with an amazing and well-crafted freestyle from the 2017 MER YoYo Contest. Combining his complex tech with great choreography and music ques really made his freestyle stand out from the rest. His yoyo of choice? Evan Nagao's signature yoyo, the Edge.

4th of July Sale!

Its Independence day tomorrow and to celebrate we have an awesome 24 hour sale for you all! After high demand, we have brought back the Not So Mystery Back and this will be the final time it will be available so don't miss out! We also have a limited amount of B-grades including Nine Dragons, Horizon, and AL Dreams! These are b-graded due to either ano-marks or vibration and are a great way to try out some new yoyos or stock up on competition backups! We also have the Made in USA Heist on sale for $40, along side a finger spin pack including the all new Czech Pivot and Northstar for $60! These are some killer deals that wont last long so do not sleep on these!

YoYoFactory's Hottest Sales of the Year!

You heard it right! Its finally 110 degrees here in Phoenix and you know what that means... the hottest sales of the year are now live on YoYoFactory.com! Every order placed will be receiving a free 10 pack of our newest LIMEWIRE string which is an awesome 3 color twist of Green, Yellow, and White! We also have a few promotions and discounts listed below for you to take advantage of so check them out!

To start off, we have a few different promotions going on including buy a Shutter and get a Replay Pro for free, buy an Aluminum Dream and get a DayDream for free, get a free Flight with any Flight Pro purchase, free V5 shells with every NineDragon's, and last but not least buy any Spin Top and receive an Upgrade kit AND String/Button kit for free!

We also have a very limited Not So Mystery Box which includes an Ex-Machina, TWO Loop 720's, a Footbag, and a Daydream all for only $50! To keep the mystery going, we also will have a Mystery yoyo for $20 which will be a guaranteed $50 or more value!

To wrap up these hot sales, we have Space Cadets on sale for $50 and Boss on sale for $15. And remember, you can stack up multiple deals for ultimate savings!


Check out the SUMMER SALE page to get all of these incredible savings in one spot! 

Mexico Fun!

The Mexico National Contest might just be the biggest sleeper contest in the world. The level of play with multiple time top 10 in the world finishers (Luis and Paul) PLUS women world champ (Betty) make the level of play top level. Its close to the USA and Mexico city is an amazing place. Next year we should organize a trip!  want to come? get your passport ready!

YoYoFactory have supported the scene in Mexico for  pretty close to a decade now sending a special guest to the contest, this year Evan Nago grabbed his vaquero had and headed south of the border!

Luis won the contest, Betty took second with Paul in third. 

Great to see all our friends down there and Im serious about next year, get your passport ready!



Summer Sales are Heating Up!

School's out and the sun is up! It is heating up here in Arizona, and to help keep you cool we have some fire sales on YoYoFactory.com! Once it reaches 110 degrees here in Phoenix the sales will go live! Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook to see when the fun begins!

BAC 2017

The 20th anniversary BAC yoyo contest was held in San Jose California on June 3 with YoYoFactory team again making a solid showing. Defending Champion Paolo Bueno claimed the 3rd place on his signature PAOLISTA yoyo with Evan Nago 6th on the EDGE and Nate Dailey an unlucky 11th using an unnamed prototype of his new signature model due for release later this year.

New Releases!

In the next couple of weeks we will be seeing a ton of yoyo action around the world with the 20th Bay Area Classic competition in California, the Japan National Contest, and the 2017 World YoYo Contest in Reykjavik, Iceland! YoYoFactory will be actively in attendance at each of these events to cover this very exciting time in yoyo!

from 44.99

Paulo Bueno has spent the last 5 years patiently developing his skills and quietly becoming one of the most dominant yoyo players in the world. Over the past two years, Paulo has taken 1st in the highly competitive Bay Area Classic, Brazilian National Championships, and nearly taking out World Champion Gentry Stein at the 2016 EYYC competition. For 2017, YoYoFactory wanted to make sure that Paolo had everything he needed to be ready for a big year of competitions. Enter the Paolista. Paolo's signature model is focused on consistency, durability, and pure performance. The thick rim offers sustainability through long combos, the shape is as comfortable in the hand as it is on the string, and the gap has been brought in ever so slightly so that binds are tight. This is the refined competition yoyo, designed for Paolo.


This is an unresponsive yoyo.

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MAY 2 (2 of 2).jpg
Replay Pro

It has been a long term goal and dream of Gentry Stein's to have his name behind a low price plastic yoyo. We are happy to announce that Gentry has achieved this goal with the Replay Pro! This model was in development for almost a year, with the focus being on World Champion performance, extreme durability, and a low price point. Replay Pro is constructed of tough poly-carbonate, and uses a Center Trac bearing.


This is an unresponsive yoyo.

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Yo to the Yo!

Hey YoYo Athlete!

Are you looking for an iOS game to spin when your too tired to actually play yoyo?

Check out 'Yo to the Yo' :


*Made by Purple Pwny Games who we have. No relationship with, other than the fact we downloaded their game!

First grab an 'ol faithful' (I know, if there is one thing playing yoyo has taught you it is don't always choose the cheap option but there is no other choice)

Throw with Power!

Rather than do tricks it's a timing based game waving you toss the yoyo to the moon (and beyond!)

Fun Facts about actual yoyo stuff are a neat addition but is really the only thing about the game that has anything to do with yoyos.

Nothing wrong with a bit of pointless fun though so we gave it a try. A couple of upgrades later it was actually pretty fun.

Beat our top score within 24hrs and get a 10% off code for yoyofactory.com highest score sent to us by Friday (noon PST) can get a free Space Cadet!

To claim your code (valid for 2 weeks), or high score email  us a screen capture (which you will find is a challenge in itself) to contact@yoyofactory.com


New Releases for May!

We are super excited to introduce some really exciting new items to you all!  We have been working hard on new product development and the new models listed below are a few of the many anticipated new releases. 

Czech Pivot

After a year of development, YoYoFactory is ready to introduce the Pivot series of yoyos. This technology, which started with the Basecamp Sherpa yoyo, is being released for the first time on a modern performance unresponsive yoyo - Czech Point! The goal of the Pivot technology is to achieve the perfect finger spin! The magic is in a revolutionary two-piece design that allows all of the necessary rim weight to stay in place while offering a contoured finger spin cap and an uncompromising body shape. Experience the next evolution in finger spin technology with the Czech Point Pivot!


This is an unresponsive yoyo.

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Flight Pro (1 of 1).jpg
YoYoFactory.com exclusive color!

YoYoFactory.com exclusive color!

Flight Pro

The Flight Offstring yoyo has cemented itself as the best value Offstring model available. In 2017, YoYoFactory decided to take all of the best features of the Flight, combine them with a new rigid material, add a few design tweaks, and offer an even higher level of performance. The all new Flight PRO is the next evolution in your journey as an offstring player. High quality POM machined plastic offers increased durability and flexibility while a slightly altered weight distribution brings a faster feel. 

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Northstar 2017 (1 of 1).jpg

In 2010, YoYoFactory set the goal of producing a modern performance plastic/metal hybrid yoyo that out performed the most capable metal yoyos at a fraction of the price. The result of those efforts was the Northstar yoyo, which went on to win the 2010 World YoYo Contest. This week, we are re-introducing the Northstar in an entirely new light. The new Northstar Finger spin comes equipped with carefully designed finger spin side caps that are amazing for modern horizontal finger spin tricks. Precision aluminum weight rings give the Northstar an advantage on other plastic yoyos with greater stability and spin time. Additionally, this new version comes with a $19.99 MSRP making it a top competitor for the best value to performance on the market!


This is an unresponsive yoyo.

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Evan Nagao wins EYYC!


Evan Nagao of Honolulu Hawaii is the 2017 Open champion at the European YoYoContest held in Bratislava Slovakia.  

in his first Euopean Contest final Evan performed a jaw dropping array of complicated technical and flashy tricks to earn a victory over Andrew Maider and Colin Beckford both also from the USA.

Evan will now spend a week traveling in Europe before heading to Africa to participate in humanitarian relief in Malawi. 




Full results: http://eyyc17.com/contest/results/