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Paradise Lost

Yo-Yoing has always had strong ties to Northern California. Long before YoYoFactory demonstrators visited the town every summer bring yo-yo season to the people. The culture is deep and strong, especially focused around Chico, home of the National YoYo Museum and long time home of the USA National Contest. Around Bird in Hand, home to the museum a community grew, through Chico and the surrounding towns, Paradise, now infamously, one of these towns people know.

Here are a couple of ways you can help

Dailey Family:

KG (@yoyo_paradise):

Scales Fundraiser:

“We'll be giving away thousands of dollars worth of product tonight on Scales Live to help the Dailey and Baker families with recovery. All you have to do is donate a few dollars to enter and get a ticket. Check the link for details and please share!! 

7-10pm EST Nov 13”

Also ND is on sale at 100% of proceeds will go to the Dailey Family.

from 44.95

Japan Junior YoYo Contest

Been missing YoYo Contest Freestyles? Need a dose of some talent out of Japan? Go no further!

The stars of Tomorrow were on display and shone bright in Central Japan at the Japan Junior Contest held in Iwakura. Akira Kato held it down in 2A while Ayumu Kasuga got some more precious stage time essential in his path to becoming a champion.

Congrats to all competitors and the JYYF for hosting another great event.

Hannah was here.

A good times, great YoYo video.

 “One of the most amazing things about yoyo is the friendships it builds. I had a blast spending a week over the summer in Bozeman, Montana with these guys. We did all sorts of Montana things, but we also made a video” - Nate Dailey


Edge Beyond is here


Evan Nagao’s Yo-Yo Masterpiece. Crafted. Not made.

Precision machined body paired with the largest steel rims ever to be attached to a yo-yo. Take whatever anyone else is doing and go BEYOND.

This is more.

For a limited time score a free WEDGE with your Edge Beyond purchase. leave a note in the comments and we will try our best to get your your WEDGE color choice.

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Izuru Hasumi Singularity

YoYoFactory will release team member Izuru Hasumi's signature model “Singularity” on August 23, 10pm in Japan!

Singularity is built for optimum power and stability because of its higher mass distribution on the stainless-steel rim weights.
At the same time, it maintains a great controllability, so it works perfectly for horizontal style and the speed combos that Izuru is famous for.


The first release comes in three different blue-oriented colorways since blue is Izuru’s favorite color.

Singularity will be available first at the REWIND on August 23, 10pm (Japan Time).

Please wish Izuru good luck in his future contest participation and give Singularity a try


3x Consecutive World Champion Shu Takada

Japan's very own Shu Takada takes the title, for the 2a division! He has been the reigning 2a champ for the last three consecutive years! Check out this spectacular performance based acrobatic freestyle, with Shu rocking a set of Loop 2020s!

Loop 2020 is set for release, next month!

 Shu landing an acrobatic trick, in Shanghai!

Shu landing an acrobatic trick, in Shanghai!

Evan Nagao World YoYo Champion

Evan Nagao of Honolulu Hawaii is the World YoYo Champion defeating over 300 competitors from over 25 Nations to take the title in Shanghai China.


Evan competed using his new soon to be release signature yo-yo 'EDGE BEYOND' narrowly defeateing 6x World Champion Takeshi Matsura of Japan and reigning World Champion Shion Araya. 


Finals day in Shanghai!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 8.43.14 AM.png

2A is first with Akira Kato and Shu Takada flying the YYF Flag both using the new LOOP2020.


3A is next with Alex Hattori in as #1 seed then on to 1A where Gentry, Evan, Nate and Polo are gunning for the title!


Look for discounts on all their yoyos on today only and watch the live feed at

EVAN NAGAO - Hawaiian Adventure

Two days in Hawaii with Evan Nagao..... how dangerous can that be?

Evan is 1 week from representing the USA as National Champion at the World Yoyo Contest. In Shanghai he will also be unveiling his new signature EDGE yo-yo the EDGE BEYOND.

YoYoFactory Mystery Box!

It time for round two with YoYoExpert, so get ready for the surprise! The 2nd Release of the 2018 YoYoFactory Buyer’s Club is out soon! We have been hard at work with our friends at YoYoExpert to get players a well crafted Mystery Box. These ARE limited, so it is first come first serve. So make sure to read some information below, about our latest collaboration and see what unfolds!

 A Mystery Box in the shadows...

A Mystery Box in the shadows...

Pre-Release starts Wednesday! If you bought April’s Mystery Box you get the chance to purchase this box before everyone else AND you get a bonus accessory for your Arrow yo-yo from the last Mystery Box!

 Here is the LATEST mystery box with YoYoExpert!

Here is the LATEST mystery box with YoYoExpert!

General Public Release THURSDAY at 8PM EDT. Price of $55. Each box will be worth a total value of over $90... and ONE will be worth $500!

 Who will win the GRAND PRIZE worth $500?!

Who will win the GRAND PRIZE worth $500?!

We are really excited for you all to get NEW releases, special colorways, and extra goodies out of this box! One of you is going to be walking away BIG.

Click here to find out what's in the box/read more details!


Introducing KUI. A yo-yo designed to be THE choice for your pocket when the sun sets.
It is the only yo-yo in its class. A Precision metal body paired with bright LED lights encased under a polycarbonate cap that peaks just so slightly out past the body to allow the player to see just as well as anyone watching, and yes, they will be watching. Its stunning. To further encourage night play and the creation of social media content we all love, the Kui comes packaged with a BLACKLIGHT LED light that can be powered by a basic powerbank. Plug it in and your string GLOWS. set up your shot and film amazing night time videos to share with all your friends. They will want a Kui too.

Kui is the creation of a partnership between and Yicheng Luo. Yicheng Luo is undoubtably the most famous professional yoyo player in China. In 2008 he hopped on a plane by himself, flew to the USA and walked on stage as a previously unknown player to take 4th place at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Since then he has never stopped contributing Currently Xichang, Sichuan Province, he teaches yo-yo class, and designs Yo-Yos.


Things getting HOT in Singapore

The ASIA PACIFIC yo-yo contest gets underway in Singapore this weekend with YoYoFactory being represented by its strongest team in recent memory. Headed by Julian Chee coming in off his recent Malaysian National title defence along with recently crown Thailand National Champion Polo Garbkamol. An extra boost comes from Japan with recent team addition Izuru Hasumi who placed 5th at Japan Nationals.



YoYoFactory will be conducting a 'KING OF AP' contest at the event for the first time ever. This contest Format has been used at various World and European Contests and we are excited to bring the fun to AP. for live updates and news of the event follow us on Instagram and Facebook.



Evan Nagao of Honolulu, Hawaii is the USA Yo-Yo Champion having won the title at the National Yo-Yo Contest in Chicago on July 1st. This win yields a seeded spot for him to represent the USA at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Shanghai in August. Nagao first gained notoriety for his talent at the young age of 4 appearing on the Jay Leno show as a yo-yo prodigy. Video of his unbelievable National’s performance using his signature YoYoFactory “Edge” yo-yo has become the most popular post on Reddit and gained over 200,000 YouTube views in just 24 hours. Evan credits his victory to many hours of practice as well as meditation and visualization. Along side him on the winner’s podium were two of his YoYoFactory Contest Team mates, 3x USA Champion Gentry Stein placing 2nd and Nate “The Great” Dailey placing 3rd, both of California. 


Check out what fans think of Evans win on REDDIT !

Hunter graduates SHUTTER CREW and accepts a spot on YoYoFactory Team!

 Hunter Feuerstein graduated SHUTTER CREW and was immediately presented with the opportunity to join the YoYofactory Contest Team. Hunter is the first Graduate to be offered a spot on the Team and we proud to announce he accepted!

Hunter has been a prolific traveller this season making it out to PNWR, NWR and just this weekend he put down his best freestyle to date at MWR taking 2nd place amongst a talented field. If he were a horse we would say he is just coming into form for the big race, the race being USA nationals. We would also say he is quite small for a horse.

Congrats on the MWR result and heres to a bright future on the team!

TEAM HORIZON weekend double!

First off, Marcus Osborne became the UK National YoYo champion is a rather upper crust event in the UK. The porta-potties and skateboard ramps of previous UK Nationals were a memory as everyone battled it out in relative comfort ;)

On the other side of the world, Polo (Garbkamol Limangkul) won his first Thailand National Championship!

Congratulations guys!

Nate Wins BAC

Honor Role Runs, checkout the list of YoYoFactory Team members to win BAC 1A division:

Nate Dailey

Paolo Bueno

Gentry Stein

Luis Enrique

Jensen Kimmett

Yuuki Spencer

Augie Fash

Paul Han