Must Watch Videos for the Weekend!

There have been a plethora of amazing videos released this week, so here's our list of what you should catch up on while you're enjoying the weekend!

1. The Gentrified YoYo Trick

2. YoYoFactory Adventure - Cambodia

3. Ann Connolly - My New Signature YoYos!

4. Spacecamp

Ann Connolly - On a Midsummer's Eve has released an AWESOME new video showcasing YoYoFactory Pro Player Ann Connolly! Ann visited YoTricks's headquarters a few weeks back and filmed a whole series of tutorials for them that will be featured every Friday on their YouTube channel, along side the Even Nagao tutorials! Make sure to check them out every Friday! They are definitely tricks you do not want to miss!

Dragon Tamer Video Contest!

Welcome to the official Nine Dragons Trick Contest hosted by YoYoFactory! This contest will show off original tricks from players all around the world, along with the limitless possibilities that the Nine Dragons yoyo is capable of handling. 

Andrew Hulterstrom has a great video to pull some inspiration from, showing off a collection of tricks for your individual trick video. Check out Andrews video, and be sure to read all the rules below!

You can also check out Dragon Tamer Kevin Nicholas on his Instagram (@nivex) for even more inspiration!

The contest will run for three weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to create, film, and upload an original trick. The contest will start Friday, November 11th and end Sunday, December 4nd. 

Prizes! To determine the winner, we at YoYoFactory will pick our top 10 favorite tricks, and hold a fan voting contest over the following week. This will determine the winner of the Dragon Trainer Video Contest! Our top ten favorites will all win a NINE Dragons pack which, includes $200+ in prizes of everything you will need for you Nine Dragons. This includes, but is not limited to, colored shells, spare bearings, and miscellaneous parts. The Grand Prize winner, who will be picked by popular vote, will receive the ULTIMATE PRIZE PACK which includes every new YoYoFactory release in the beginning of 2017, along with the previous mentioned NINE Dragon pack, guaranteeing over $1000 in retail value.

Dragon Trainer Video Contest Rules:

In order to enter, one must create, upload, and name an original trick using the Nine Dragons yoyo to YouTube titled “YoYoFactory Nine Dragons Trick - [Insert trick name here]”.  Once your video is uploaded, send us an email to with a link to your video so we can see it! We will email you back to confirm that we received it and you are officially entered. All contestants are allowed to upload multiple videos of different original tricks. If there is a duplicated trick, the first upload of that trick will be considered for the prizes. 

Any previous Nine Dragons owner who submits a video entry will receive a free pair of shells, and if you need a pair of shells in order to enter, just email us at and we will send you a new pair.

All of our favorite videos will be listed on as recommended tricks for new and old players to learn in our trick gallery, using your original trick names!

NINE Dragons
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YoYoFactory's Weekend Round-Up!

It was a very busy weekend for YoYoFactory Players all around the world, so here is a little wrap up of all the awesome things that happened!

1) Gentry Stein: 9 Hours in Paris

Gentry released a new video showing off all the awesome places he visited in his short 9 hour vacation in Paris, and even shows off some tricks! 

2)  Discovered on Instagram

Ben Conde shows off YoYoFactory Player, Polo Garbkamol, and his amazing talent/passion for yoyo. Polo is pushing the technical side of yoyoing to a whole new level that we have not seen before, and is becoming infamous on Instagram for his amazing style. This is a great video showing Polo's character and how he's developing himself as a player by spreading his passion through Instagram. 

3) Paulo Bueno Wins Italian National's Open Division

The Italian Nation YoYo Contest wast this past weekend and YoYoFactory Pro Paulo Bueno won the open division! We are still waiting for freestyle videos, but with the quality Paulo has been bringing lately, we are confident that its an amazing routine! 

4) Slusny in Hungary

Slusny is back in Budapest for 3 weeks doing school tours! Be sure to check out their Instagram as they are posting some amazing content of their travels! 

5) John Ando

John Ando has been posting some insane new tricks on his Instagram that are definitely a must see if you are working on new tricks of your own! Check out his latest trick below!

FIVE Yo-Yo YOUTUBE accounts you should be subscribed to

1. YoYoFactory (DUH!)

Lots of new videos coming up including new BASECAMP video, Gentry Stein responsive REPLAY video and 3 YoYoFactory Adventure videos this November!

Ann is always doing something fun from her base in Prague. Be it working on her own yoyo game, and sharing tips, to traveling to events all around the world. Right now she is posting videos from Japan!

3. Gentry Stein

Gentry has made a promise to his subscribers to start posting more so it looks like its time to subscribe!  Gentry has a pile of footage from his travels this year so expect some great stuff from the current USA champion


The most subscribed to channel in YoYo! Some amazing player tutorials plus some great clip videos like this latest one featuring Evan Nagao

5. Ben Conde

With some big name collaboration videos with multiple millions of views Bens channel is quickly becoming the best in yoyo. Ben is currently in the middle of a 15day / 15 video trip so now is as good a time as any to subscribe!

Kent Lim's Loop 1080 Review!

Kent Lim has just posted a really awesome and in-dept review on both the Loop 1080 and Loop 1080L over on his YouTube channel! I f you have ever wondered if the Loop 1080 is right for you this is a great video that shows all the pros and cons of this yoyo over others for competitive 2A. You can check out his video below, and be sure to head to his channel for more videos!

Learn Ben Conde's Moves!

Ben Conde's latest video shows off not only his yoyo moves, but the moves he's made in his life to follow his passion and become the great yoyo player he is! Ben is a very inspirational player, and we are extremely proud of all of his moves in yoyo and in life. Make sure to subscribe to see all of his videos and future en devours!

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Evan Nagao Tutorials Coming to YoTricks

Evan Nagao is infamous for his performance and variety of tricks, and a series of tutorials are coming to so you can learn all his best moves! Watch out for these tutorials in October, and you can get Evan's signature yoyo the Edge now at 

from 99.99
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Ben Conde / Beyond Slow Motion

One of the best yoyo videos you will see. Ben Plays the YoYoFactory FLIGHT


Designed specifically for Offstring yoyoing, the Flight offers an extremely wide and oversized profile as well as phenomenal durability. Impeccable balance and weight also contribute to the Flight’s out of this world performance. 

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World YoYo Contest essentials

LIVE STREAM : From noon EST August 3.

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YoYoExpert WYYC Mystery Box:


Space Cadet

Our Bi Metal line grows stronger.

Introducing SPACE CADET.

The evolution continues. With increased speed and agility over its predecessor SPACE COWBOY Space Cadet offers players another performance option from YoYoFactory. Note the super finger spin friendly cup.

weight: 64.5gm
Dia: 55.9mm
width: 43.2mm
Gap: 4.6mm