04 Sep 2012

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We are proud to present our YoYoFactory Fall Buyer’s Guide 2012!


Since we have so many great releases this Fall that we wanted to share, we decided to put together a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide. In each product you’ll find detailed descriptions of the product, design team comments on the process, and even quotes from top Pros about their views on the new product.


Just CLICK on the PICTURE above to take you to the YoYoFactory Fall Buyer’s Guide 2012!


04 Jan 2012

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YYF ShaqlerStar – Champions Collection Stats:
Diameter: 55.94 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43.15 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.43 mm / .17 inches
Response System: CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
Weight: 69.5 grams
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing by CBC



An inspired project.
John Ando was happy to share his signature yoyo (Protostar) shape with the Northstar and when it was all said and done he LOVED the extra weight, which made the yoyo choice an easy one for him to propose to the rest of Shaqler as their latest signature release. As a team, Shaqler draw inspiration from those around them, which dictate the art and colors seen in this edition.


Mr X: “Not much needed to say here. Northstar plays fantastic, If you like the look of this, don’t miss it”



04 Jan 2012

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MVP2 7075

Paul Kerbel special Edition shown


John Huber says “I broke my nose with an original MVP so they wont let me play with this one”


Tyler Says: “A little slower then it’s 6061 counterpart, but can still play like it”


Ben Says “you find it slower? I thought the 7075 one was faster”


Design team says: “We thinned the walls, loaded the rim and it played horrible, so went back to the start and really created a new yoyo for the material. Play wise it is unique to its 6061 brother, it feels different in the hand, and on the string. More like the original MVP”



04 Jan 2012

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Hiroyuki Suzuki X YoYoFactory

Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 46 mm
Material: 6061
Pads Bearings: White YYF, Large Center Trac
Weight: 66.9 Grams
Comes with spare SPEC bearing, spare Pads and YoYoFactory Multi Tool



Tyler Says:
Light, but sleeps and plays heavy. Good yoyos do this. Great for Eli Hop tricks.


Ben says:
The Gap is bigger than Mickeys other yoyos. This is very YoYoFactory. Tiny bit of kick back at first, but with a tiny throw adjustment is easily fixed. Mickey likes a bit more response, for that we suggest our new Natural Pad.




Pats Says: I wrote a whole bunch on this but here is the key – “Can’t put it down” “competition ready” “spins like a truck and comes back to your hand with a thud even after my longest combos”


Mr X says:
Plays a bit slow for me, I expected a Mickey yoyo to be faster, but does let you enjoy yo-yoing and the tricks. Fun and enjoyment is not a speed contest. Spins longer than you need it for.




TIP: The mirror caps come with a protective cover. If you want to keep it mint, dont peel it off. If you want to show it off, let it shine



04 Jan 2012

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Catalyst (stacked)
Diameter: 51 mm
Width: 43 mm
Material 6061
Pads – Bearings: TBD
Weight: 68 Grams


NOTE: this yoyo is not yet in final release state. As tested it was RAW. In production expect a beadblast finish and anodize.




Tyler Says: Could be the new flagship premium hubstack yoyo. Great Z-stack play.


Mr X says: Super solid throw, smooth like glass. Its got a bit of weight to it that makes it feel like a weapon of choice.


Pat says:
Catalyst 7075 Flat Face vs Hubstacked
I want to like the flat face version more, it is definitely the better looking of the two, but the hubstacked version with nubs plays nearly PERFECT. The 7075 definitely helps them feel a bit more solid than the standard version and since I prefer a shiny finish over a blasted finish, they are just all around better yo-yos when compared to the standard catalyst IMO. Like the original Catalyst, they both benefit greatly with the addition of a Center Trac bearing. If you loved the Catalyst before, you will definitely dig the upgrade… if you have never tried a Catalyst and just want a solid competition / practice yo-yo, jump on it.


04 Jan 2012

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YoYoFactory in conjunction with Central Bearing Co. have delivered a number of new things to bearings. First to supply DRY unlubricated bearings essential to unresponsive play, the mechanical advantage of the CENTER TRAC, the versatility of offering a narrow bearing for beginners and wide for advanced play with the Half – Spec and the performance of the SPEC. Now its time to add another bearing to the line with the new SPEC – X bearing.



Original SPEC shown right with shields removed. SPEC X shown left.


The SPEC – X was designed to be a more versatile, durable bearing not as focused on flat out performance of the SPEC and CENTER TRAC. It comes without shields for easy access to the race for cleaning and lubrication, and is built tighter and more robust for an extended bearing life. It has a very short break-in period, tends to make less noise and is less prone to failure or lockups due to impact or lack of lubrication. That being said,  all Bearings do go through phases of break-in where the noise of the bearing will change over its life. Bearings do need to be maintained and are designed to operate with some lubrication. While they can be run dry performance may be compromised in the long run.



04 Jan 2012

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Why looping matters and Why the loop360 matters for looping?


Notice that? Loop360? Well that in essence what the loop808 is. The Loop808 is a special edition of the soon to be released loop360. It is a yoyo somewhat out of time, out of price and out of the everyday. It has one purpose….bring back the notion that looping IS the most respected style of yoyo play.


It will attempt to put product in more peoples hands that:
1) works well
2) doesnt require effort to maintain
3) doesnt cost too much
4) wont break easily
5) inspire them to take looping play more seriously


Premier looping yoyos of $30 a hand and/or that break easily and/or require skill to maintain are scaring people away from the most visually appealing style of yoyo. So its time for us to take away the excuses.


$10 a hand, pick them up and play.


Official Specs
Diameter: 57.75 mm / 2.27 inches
Width: 26.55 mm / 1.04 inches
Gap Width: 2.65 mm / .10 inches
Weight: 52.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size A
Response: CBC Small Bearing Silicone O-Ring


04 Jan 2012

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7075 Catalyst
Diameter: 56.4 mm
Width: 43 mm
Material: 7075
Pads Bearings: Natural Pads, Large Center Trac
Weight: 65.5 Grams


Augie on the 7075 Catalyst:
Throw harder and play harder. The flat area thats I think looks better. It feels more stable, plays effortless. Good all around player. It’s like it’s Ken in Street fighter.


Tyler says:
Can be directed anywhere you want it to go. Sideways, 3D, frontstyle, sidestyle. Perfect weight for stage play or at home. Incredibly stable.


Harold Owens Pro Setup:
“String: type 6 100% polyester yellow  (length: belly buttton to floor)
Pads: standard white yoyofactory silicone stickers
Bearing: stock center trac”


The original Catalyst is kind of floating, but the new one is more solid and stable.


Mr X (player we don’t sponsor but got comment from): Super fast light quick yoyo. Built for precision speed, ergonomic. Its comfortable to throw and catch. Feels light, which I didn’t expect from a 7075 version, the re-weighting did it wonders and I like it.


Final Word: ‘This is REALLY GOOD’ – Multiple World Champion who we don’t sponsor




04 Jan 2012

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Roll Model


Part of the YoYoFactory Champions Collection (WAVE 1)
Diameter: 53.8mm
Width: 40mm
Material: 6061
Pads Bearings: Large White YYF Slim, Large SPEC
Weight: 66.8 Grams



Steves Brief:
“I’ve been a professional yo-yo player since 1995. I’ve thrown hundreds and hundreds of yo-yos, from the latest and greatest to doing a few loops with an original 1928 Flores…and finally I feel like I’ve found my perfect throw. Designed collaboratively by YoYoFactory and myself, the Roll Model represents everything I love in a yo-yo; speed, stability, and undeniable performance. Perfect for nearly any style of play, it’s great as a daily carry or a competition throw.”


Tyler says: “Perfectly fits into the pocket.  Perfect for string rejections. Unique feel of a plastic yoyo but with pro performance. Im actually a bit jealous. I love capped yoyos and this may be the best metal one YoYoFactory has made”


Pat Says: “Definitely the most fun yo-yo in the Champion’s Collection. Surprisingly dead smooth for a metal yo-yo with caps… it doesn’t feel hollow or make any funny sounds”


Steve Brown Pro Set Up:
“stock pads, and whatever string is closest to my hand when I need to change. Anything from the YYF green poly to Type 8 cotton to Slick 6.
When I first met Bob Rule, he was playing with these cheap orange promotional yo-yos from some orange juice campaign from the 80s. I was amazed at how good he was with them, and said something to him about it. He told me “I’m a yo-yo demonstrator. My job isn’t to be picky about my equipment, it’s to make my equipment look good.”
I’m still picky about my yo-yos, but I’ve never allowed myself to get picky about string or pads. It’s my nod to Bob.”



04 Jan 2012

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Diameter: 40 mm
Width: 39 mm
Material: 6061
Pads Bearings: Large SPEC, Large Slim White YYF Pads
Weight: 64.4 Grams


Gentry on the G Funk: The G Funk is really smooth. The edge of the rim makes it feel more solid then other smaller yo-yos. The shiny finish makes the dope logo stand out better. It’s FANCY.


Mr X Says: Too small for my hands.


Design Team says: Dv888 is one of our most popular yoyos. When thinking about what else to offer at this diameter we went for something with known stability, which tends to offset the lack of stability found in others of the size. This unique balance leads to exceptional performance.