29 Nov 2012

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You’d be hard pressed to find a more creative, passionate, drive group of professionals then those of the YoYoFactory Team. World and National Champions, International icons, Trick innovators. Each move of each trick is meticulously refined to be the most valuable, jaw dropping maneuver on stage, or film. Paulo is no exception. Holding it down for us in Southern California, and ushering in a new generation of Champion Yo-Yo Players, his tricks are deep. This new concept video takes it beyond just a new set of tricks, but explores a larger flow and visual concept that is wonderfully executed.


26 Jun 2012

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Igor Galiev never disappoints with his videos. He always picks great themes and scenery, not to mention amazing tricks!


21 Aug 2011

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Contests going on all week at


Hunter Birt won himself an AVANT GARDE with this picture.



Hunter also has some pretty smooth moves so we found this video of him and think he is well on the way to being a top level player.



Good Job Hunter!