25 Nov 2014

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By Ben McPhee

By trade, I’m not a paid entertainer. It’s not something I pursue and often I regret not doing it, because it can be so much fun!

From the Geneva Autoshow to Fashion Week in NYC and Sydney the gigs that come my way always come with an amazing party as well as maybe even more fun whilst doing the show.

This one was no different. I was to be a roving performer at the F1 GP in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE is amazing. Like no-where on the planet. Not just like New York when the skyscrapers first went up, think Rome, but built in a day.

Not my first trip, I tagged a stopover vacation there in 2010 on the back of Russian national contest, but not somewhere I get to visit often. The YoYo scene is very very small. A few player are contactable in Dubai but in AbuDhabi there isn’t anyone who clearly identifies them self as a ‘YoYo player’.

An event the size of f1 is a giant machine, it takes a lot of work to get all the parts moving but when it does it is amazing.

My brief was pretty nondescript: play YoYo at these specific places at these specific times, make people entertained. Mission accepted! Added was the bonus of deep supply of Yoyofactory yoyos, custom made to the signature YAS blue of the track, for race goers to play and keep.

From the corporate boxes to the rowdy beer gardens I covered most of the track. I went from bottom of the south grandstand to the start finish line I twirled my yoyos, people clapped and have it a try themselves! I performed on the main stage to a crowd of hundreds, I performed in the chill out zone to a crowd to 2, didn’t matter, there were loops and string tricks for all. In the actual grandstands were some of the best moments moving from section to section giving short shows to race fans waiting for the action to start on track. People really were into it too which made it even more fun.

The most memorable moment, the tale I will repeat the most, happened when I went the extra effort to go and perform for a group of 4 people, alone at the end of main straight. It was pretty quiet and my flashy tricks or maybe just the noise of my portable sound system caught the attention of some people on the opposite side of the track, specifically Prince Harry (of the British royal family). When I concluded my show, with a customary skyrocket to the pocket (-3 for those who compete) I turned and bowed and was rewarded by the signature royal handclap.

Work was fun. Fun was work. I managed to get seats for the race, checked out some of the other performers on track and found time to see Pharrell Williams. HAPPY I was.

Checkout my pictures below.

Thanks to YAS marina circuit for having me and to all the race goers who gave YoYo a spin!

By the numbers:
Travel time round trip: 60
Longest flight 15hrs
YoYos taken: 328
Yoyos coming back: 2
Strings used: 72

catchygroup 142014-11-20

catchygroup 132014-11-22

catchygroup 122014-11-22

catchygroup 112014-11-22

catchygroup 102014-11-22

catchygroup 92014-11-22

catchygroup 82014-11-22

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catchygroup 112014-11-23

catchygroup 102014-11-23

catchygroup 92014-11-23

catchygroup 72014-11-23

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24 Oct 2014

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Videos coming daily 27-31st October.

Check the preview!

09 Oct 2014

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Shanghai China
14-16 October
China Toy Expo

October 17 @ Spinworkx Store

4pm – Meet & Greet
5pm – Short Performance in store
5.15pm – Mini contest
5.45pm – Raffle/Giveaway
6pm – Dinner (Singapore food!)

Malaysia @ 28SPIN @ Pop By Jaya One
October 18
Schedule (2pm-4pm)
2pm – Meet & Greet
2.45pm – Short Performances in store
3.00pm – Mini Contest (Shutter Only)
3.34pm – Raffle / Giveaway
4.00pm – End

Address :
28SPIN @ Pop By Jaya One
100.P1-045 The School
No. 72A Jalan Universiti, Jaya One
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

October 19
HCMC Youth Cultural House – 4 Pham Ngoc Thach street, dist. 1.
Meet begin at 9am and Gentry will be there!

October 20
Spingear Store Akihabara
1pm – Meet & Greet
Short Performance in store
Free Donuts!

29 Sep 2014

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Come Meet 2014 World Champion Gentry Stein!
Trade tricks with the champ
Grab an autograph
Checkout his signature yoyo SHUTTER (in exclusive tour colors only available at tour stops)
Try prototypes of new models coming from YOYOFACTORY.
Win exclusive prizes in Free Raffle draw

Shanghai China 14-16 October China Toy Show YoYoFactory booth
Singapore 17 October Spinworkx store
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 18 October 28SPIN @ Pop By Jaya One
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 19 October HCMC Youth Cultural House
Tokyo Japan 20 October Spingear Tokyo

More details soon!

22 Sep 2014

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21 Sep 2014

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‘YoYoFactory Europe’ was formed in 2010 with the hope of expanding the availability of yo-yos in Europe. As time went by we didn’t see the growth we hoped for and have taken distribution back into the hands of the global ‘YoYoFactory’ brand. It isn’t a failure, yo-yoing in Europe has grown steadily during this time, and with this growth we have seen more players getting involved in yoyo making an industry where once there was just a category. As the largest player owned and operated brand in the world it gives us great pleasure to work with so many other players and empower them to be part of this new industry. Vashek Kroutil and his team at SLUSNY will be an integral part of our future plans not limited to but critically enabling fulfillment and distribution. We look forward to working even closer with the dedicated retailer who are growing the yoyo scene in Europe and hope this serves as a model for other regions in the world.

This reunification make YoYofactory a single global brand again. We welcome the Europe team onto the YoYoFactory Contest Team.

For further enquiries email

16 Sep 2014

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16 Sep 2014

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We have filmed a video with John Ando every year since 2010. For this years video we had grand plans, locations schedules…. we also saw oppressive weather moving in, so we filmed everything in studio before we hot the road, just in case. 107f (42C) and blazing sun greeted us but we still put this video together. Part 2 will be a studio video 











16 Sep 2014

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People have been asking ‘how do you do a fingerspin?’ and we had to answer so… here is Paul Kerbel!


19 Aug 2014

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Gentry Stein, 18yo of Chico California is the 2014 World YoYo Champion defeating all comers in the premier 1A division at the World Yoyo Contest held in Prague Czech Republic. Seeded to semi finals as USA National Champion Gentry took first place in the semi finals  and again in the finals in front of a packed house at the Archa Theatre in an atmosphere more like a rock concert than a yoyo contest. Second place went to Takeshi Matsuura of Japan, 3rd Iori Yamaki of Japan and 4th to Gentrys’ teammate Paul Kerbel of Mexico.


Full results: