14 Nov 2012

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After the Genesis was released in 2009 to rave reviews and massive popularity, YoYoFactory wondered if there was anything that they could do to improve this design. After testing a few different concepts, the overwhelming winner was the addition of YoYoFactory’s patented triple bearing Hubstack System. Not onlydo the hubstacks enable you to perform different tricks, but the additional weight and the altered weight distribution change the Genesis into a completely different beast. Limited in color and quantity, these won’t last long!


68.8 Grams
56.4 mm Diameter
43.94 mm Wide



13 Nov 2012

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There is a lot of talent coming out of Russia, and we are proud to support them. A new video of our Protegé Rodion Sahanko just dropped. As you can see, he’s well on his way to becoming a top contender.


12 Nov 2012

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During Ann’s recent Australian Yo-Yo Tour she made an appearance on Channel Ten’s Breakfast Show which is a hugely popular morning show. Lots of Yo-Yo love and a really fun interview with Ann!


08 Nov 2012

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YoYoFactory Poland is always doing amazing promotions, and the City wide yo-yo contests are just one of them. Every month they hold a city wide League contest for Lodz, and this months was documented. Makes you wish you yo-yoed in Poland, doesn’t it?


06 Nov 2012

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It’s that time of year! The YoYoFactory Elections are upon us!
Supernova vs. Genesis are going head to head to win, and it’s all up to you! Who spins longer? Who’s the smoothest? Who’s the BEST?
Show you’re support by setting either Supernova or Genesis Election photos as your Profile Picture and campaign for your favorite by Sharing on Facebook!


Election Polls open at 6AM EST at YoYoExpert. Check it out for more info!


05 Nov 2012

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YoYoFactory Hungary has put together this dope video of the new 7075 Super G, featuring an up and coming European player: Gábor Boldog. Great scenery, smooth tricks and superb editing. We are looking forward to more videos from YoYoFactory Hungary and Gábor.


02 Nov 2012

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November 3rd YoYoFactory is proud to support the 2012 Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest. Registration starts at 9:30am with several different divisions to compete in. First, the Beginner Division will be for players who are newer to YoYoing. Unlike the Sport Ladder, these contestants will still be allotted one minute of stage time. They will be judged on the traditional format of positive points being awared for successfully executed tricks; And negative points being deducted for mistakes or misses.


For the more advanced players, The 2012 Arizona State YoYo Contest will be run in a “Battle” format, where two contestants will be on stage. Starting off with one YoYoing, they will switch in and out over the course of an elongated 4 minute freestyle (as opposed to the typical 2 minute format) cued by our Emcee. Two different Battle Divisions will be held: 1A and Open.


For more Info please check out and if you want to stop by and watch the action, check out the Schedule Here.

23 Oct 2012

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When was the last time you saw a crowd get this crazy? Great job Sean!


19 Oct 2012

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Sunday, October 21st from 2-4pm YoYoFactory will host the Santa Cruz City YoYo Contest at the Boys and Girls club in Santa Cruz. This event is free and open to the public. We are going to have divisions for all ages and skill levels so make sure to pick up a yo-yo and come on down for a fun afternoon of amazing yo-yo skills!

18 Oct 2012

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