03 Jan 2012

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Tyler Severance, and his Protegé Tyler Goldenberg, put out a new video featuring some of their latest tricks with the Supernova. It’s been interesting watching Tyler Goldenberg’s growth as a player since he’s been on the Protegé team. And, as always, Tyler Severance brings his best; and it just keeps getting better.


Champion vs. Protege. Master vs. Apprentice. Tyler vs. Tyler.



02 Jan 2012

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Hong Kong based HERE WE YO celebrates their 10th anniversary in 2012. We are proud to unveil this limited edition Supernova as our first release of 2012 and wish them many more decades of success promoting yoyo in Hong Kong and around the world.



31 Dec 2011

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Vashek Kroutil is an electric player. Whether it’s the roar of the crowd when he takes the stage, or an elegant video like this one, Vashek delivers what few can. Amazing, stylish tricks and trademark flow. Shot in Berlin, Germany.


30 Dec 2011

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One of the undeniable greats, Jason Lee, has released a new video with Sector Y. Shot in London, England.



Also, make sure to check out the Bonus Footage. Alternative angles and side by side comparisons give even more depth to Jason’s amazing skill set.


28 Dec 2011

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Hitting store now! We’ve released 2 new colorways of the YoYoFactory DNA. We’re really happy with the new colors and, as always, amazing play.



Also available in very limited numbers is the Mutant DNA. The big brother of the DNA, the Mutant comes with a bit more heft and premium colorways.


27 Dec 2011

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Studio Sessions 15 dropped and it won’t disappoint. Classic. Innovative.


26 Dec 2011

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YoYoFactory started its “1st China Tour” last week. With Paul just getting done with his trip to Japan for 44Clash and Ann just finishing her trip to Russian Nationals, you’d think they would be a little tired. Nope, all smiles from this crew!


First Stop: “Youth Nation”. Hong Kong’s biggest TV Show!



Then, off to Toys R Us for demonstrations, teaching and meeting all the YoYoFactory fans.



Ann signing autographs for eager fans.



Thankfully Paul and Ann get a little time to sight see on their tour.



But soon it’s back to more waiting fans looking to learn new tricks and see the pros.


23 Dec 2011

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Here at YoYoFactory we love to see new talent pushing the boundaries with our yo-yos. Luke Finnell is definitely one of those players. He’s been yo-yoing for less then 2 years, and we are VERY impressed.


22 Dec 2011

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Ibrahim is a recent addition to the Protege Team and is quickly developing his skills.


21 Dec 2011

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Last Month when Augie visited YoYoFactory, Miguel shot this great video.