09 Dec 2011

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A few weeks ago we had a special guest here at YoYoFactory…



Mr Augie Fash!



Augie is getting ready for a world tour, and he’ll have plenty of these autograph cards with him. If you get a change to meet him make sure to get one signed.



One of our display cases, featuring the artwork and signature editions of Augie. We’ll need to make room for the new Catalyst.



Augie and Miggy go over some last details of Augie’s new video…


Be sure to check it out: “Augie Fash, Yo-yo Tricks: The Jason Tapes”


04 Nov 2011

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When we took the first look at our new Stainless steel whistling yo-yo the idea was already there to film a short video. It was a ‘return to retro’ concept with dare I say, ‘futuristic’ styling and interchangeable response system. Inspiration was drawn from MANY time periods.

All we needed then was the worlds most famous Stainless Steel Car and a $6,000 pair of shoes…


“We rolled up in our van. Its pretty easy to spot a car with strobes, neons and speakers blazing a movie soundtrack”


“Before the sun set we took it for a drive. Speed limits weren’t the only thing that kept it below 88. The owner says it would need to be going downhill, with a tailwind, to get close”


“Feeling like cinderella, they fit like a glove”


“Ironically the shoes were much more comfortable than the car”


“Our budget for the shoot was $30. That bought a smoke machine, liquid for it and a bottle of lighter fluid.”


“I could play with this for hours” (unidentified crew member hopefully talking about the yoyo). Kids, don’t play with fire, despite how fun it looks.


“In the end it was a super fun night. The yo-yo is super fun too. Hope you enjoy the video”



19 Oct 2011

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A video of John Ando



19 Oct 2011

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Watch The video.



12 Oct 2011

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A video on One Throw Freestyle



10 Oct 2011

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Here was the scene with YoYoFactory Europe’s booth at German Masters at Leipzig fair.



04 Oct 2011

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This past weekend, in Chico, CA, Harold Owens III took 1st place in the 1A division of the USA National Yo-Yo Contest. Harold was added to our team earlier this year this was his first time competing in the USA National Yo-Yo Contest. Congratulations Harold.



30 Sep 2011

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Coming October



28 Sep 2011

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Vashek and Yuji at the Slovakian Yo-Yo Nationals 2011 international division.



24 Sep 2011

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Hironori Mii from Yo-Yo Store REWIND visits the Factory on his way to Chico CA, home of the USA National Yo-Yo Museum.