16 Jan 2012

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Augie Fash had a busy 2011. China, Russia, Europe, the Middle East. It’s only right to get back on the plane and start 2012 off the same way! For his assault on the Open division at the European YoYo Championships we created a soft finished pink/black catalyst switching out the typical art for the rim logo. Built with a spec bearing there is a Center Trac included in the box. That’s how Augie plays it, and so can you.




04 Jan 2012

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7075 Catalyst
Diameter: 56.4 mm
Width: 43 mm
Material: 7075
Pads Bearings: Natural Pads, Large Center Trac
Weight: 65.5 Grams


Augie on the 7075 Catalyst:
Throw harder and play harder. The flat area thats I think looks better. It feels more stable, plays effortless. Good all around player. It’s like it’s Ken in Street fighter.


Tyler says:
Can be directed anywhere you want it to go. Sideways, 3D, frontstyle, sidestyle. Perfect weight for stage play or at home. Incredibly stable.


Harold Owens Pro Setup:
“String: type 6 100% polyester yellow  (length: belly buttton to floor)
Pads: standard white yoyofactory silicone stickers
Bearing: stock center trac”


The original Catalyst is kind of floating, but the new one is more solid and stable.


Mr X (player we don’t sponsor but got comment from): Super fast light quick yoyo. Built for precision speed, ergonomic. Its comfortable to throw and catch. Feels light, which I didn’t expect from a 7075 version, the re-weighting did it wonders and I like it.


Final Word: ‘This is REALLY GOOD’ – Multiple World Champion who we don’t sponsor