23 Dec 2014

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YoYoFactory has a goal of spreading yo-yo. Often there are commercial aspects that must be taken into account for this to be sustainable (i.e. we need to make money to be able to afford to do it in the future). In the middle of 2014 we reached a cross-roads. We weren’t doing it right. We faced a change. In the face of this we decided to go back to our roots. Take yo-yo to the people. We considered somewhere exotic, perhaps a sparsely populated island? Maybe on top of a high mountain chain like the Andes? How about a tribe so remote the mail is still delivered by mules…. a mere 5hrs from our office?

Supai Arizona was this place. Its beauty contrasts by the difficulties facing its residents who despite their isolation (6hrs by mule to a car which is hrs again from any significant town) are right in the middle of everything wrong with the modern age (diet, fashion and media expectations). These kids grow up in a fishbowl which is funded by tourists who walk through looking into their lives on their way to see the areas most precious resource; the blue water that cascades over some of the most beautiful water falls in the world.

The Crew was built around our pro, Tyler Severance. Clint Armstrong came in as pro #2, Reece Schofield came as our web designer/camping support/ /r/throwers moderator. we set off at 3am, getting to the cliff top at 8am. The route down was either a 6hr horse ride, 8hr hike or 10min on a helicopter…. yes we took the chopper.

Checkout the visuals from our adventure!





















6I2A8773 - Version 2














25 Mar 2014

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YoYoFactory is still on #YYFTour14 and this week we are in Kansas City with Go Big Skill Toys!

If you are in the area and want to come hand out Tyler, Joe, and Clint will be at Go Big everyday from 3:30 to 6:00 this whole week. Come by and learn some tricks!

Go Big Skill Toys

12156 Shawnee Mission Prkway, Kansas




06 Mar 2014

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Our first stop on tour has concluded! Speaking to you from Salt Lake City Utah at the moment. But our last week in Nevada City is what I want to talk about. It being our first stop we had our share of troubles, but those were outweighed heavily by our experiences! First we broke down from Phoenix to San Fransisco, after that fiasco we had a exciting sleepless PNWR weekend. Then Nevada City! During our 5 days we had demonstrations at 9 schools and taught kids how to yo yo everyday at Mountain Pastimes. We had incredible turnouts! Everyday we had more kids than the last! By the end of the week all the kids were talking about a club and how they could all continue to practice yoyoing. Nevada City, Success!

Words from us.

Tyler Severance

” With every tour there are challenges, but in Nevada city they were mainly good ones. There was only so much space to teach new players. There were only so many people who were able to teach new players. But toward the end of the week when the rain started things got more cramped. With that showed up all the local players who were a huge help with new players, and entertaining parents.”

Joe Wilson

” The Nevada city stop on tour was great! We noticed early that the city was small, so we were hoping to reach out to most of the kids. As the week went on we noticed an increase in kids each day leading up to the contest on Friday . I’m positive that our visit brought the most kids to mountain past times than ever befor . My favorite part from that town was that I was able to make a difference in a child’s life. At the end of the week a kid gave me a letter telling me I got him back into yoyoing . The feeling of making an impact on a kid who I never met before made all the work worth it.”

Clint Armstrong

” This 80 70 80 Tour is YoYoFactory’s longest tour ever. We’ve had a lot of build up going into it. We could not have had a better start than with Nevada City! The dedication and passion that the local kids showed was so inspiring. Putting a yoyo into someone’s hand and then seeing them improve in a matter of minutes Is a feeling I can’t put into words. Nevada City is a very quaint town, and is a small community in itself. I would love to go back in a year and see how far the yoyo community has grown!





19 Nov 2013

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The Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest went down this weekend. In 1a Clint Armstrong took home his first ever contest win. Newman Becker winning 3a, and Daniel Mizell winning 4a!

Clint Armstrong Shutter

15 Mar 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 4.34.52 PM

To show the long, stable spinning of the Ricochet we gathered some of the best in the world to test how long they could make a trick on the Ricochet. In the next few days we’ll be releasing single trick videos from Harold, Paul, Clint and Vashek to show you the Ricochet going through some serious testing. Who will have the longest trick? Moreover, how long can YOU throw for?



Paul Han rips through his long trick with the Ricochet! He’s not one to waste time or speed in a freestyle. Clocking in at 30.7 seconds, it’s clear he could have hit a longer trick. Just watch how much spin is left when it returns to the hand. That’s the power of Titanium! Think you can beat him? March 17th the Ricochet releases and you’ll have a chance to shine, or spark!



Next, we have Harold Owens III throwing down his long Ricochet trick. Clocking in at a strong 48 seconds, that’s almost 1 throw for a qualifying round! When every second of a prelim counts, don’t you want to maximize your time by not having to return and throw your yo-yo more then you need to? On March 17th you can!



Coming in at 55.5 seconds on the Ricochet… multi-time Czech National Champion, and European Champion, Vashek! That’s pretty close to a 1 minute freestyle, in 1 throw. And with the tricks he’s doing, he would be one of the top qualifiers.



Clint Armstrong, as his last name would suggest, hit it with a huge 1:18.3 second on the Ricochet!


Now, it’s your turn! Ricochet hits stores this weekend, March 17th. For those lucky enough to score one, we want to see how long you can go with 1 throw! Who’s in?

04 Mar 2013

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You couldn’t ask for a better team. YoYoFactory is proud to support such talented players. California States is one of the first big contests of the 2013 Season and it drew a lot of top players. Check out Paulo, Kevin and Clints’ freestyles from the contest. We’re looking forward to what this Season has in store for them!




25 Feb 2013

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Clint Armstrong is a man on a mission. His love of competing has driven him to constantly fine tune his routines and push for the next spot.


01 Feb 2013

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01 Jan 2013

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Clint Armstrong is powerhouse  player, and produces many of his own video parts. We ring in the New Year with a new spot feature Clint. Amazing tricks, editing and scenery.


12 Dec 2012

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Clint is back with a new video part filmed in beautiful Sedona, AZ. He’ll be in the office soon, going over new product, hanging out and hopefully shooting some more video with us in the studio!