22 Apr 2013

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In the ever-growing Russian Yo-Yo scene we constantly see new players with skill and determination working their way to the top. Because of this, we have a YoYoFactory Junior Team in Russia. Ilya Matros is one of the rising stars in Russia, and in his newest video part, you can see why.


15 Apr 2013

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We’ve been on the road for our 2nd week of the YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour. This week we are in Fort Collins, working with 2 of our great retailers, Learning Express and  Science Toy Magic. Throughout the week we performed at local area schools and did in-store classes afterwards.


On Saturday we had our big Yo-Yo Contest at Learning Express, followed by performances at Science Toy Magic. We had a great crowd and tons of awesome new Yo-Yo players! Next we’ll be in Colorado Springs so be sure to check out the info on demos and contests HERE




The competitors get ready to show their new skills to the crowd. Some of these participants had only been yo-yoing for less than a week.


IMG_2757 IMG_2781


As each competitor went through their tricks, it was apparent that they had picked up some major skill with their new modern ball bearing YoYoFactorys.


IMG_2785 IMG_2791 1


After the Classic tricks we moved onto showcasing what Modern yo-yo is like. These guys showed off their tricks in freestyles and really impressed the crowd!


IMG_2814 IMG_2833 IMG_2891 IMG_2912 IMG_2984 IMG_3009


Thanks to everyone who came out and made this an awesome event, and congratulations to all the competitors!




Be sure to check out YoYoFactort this week in Colorado Springs! Click HERE for more info.

14 Apr 2013

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13 Apr 2013

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10 Apr 2013

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We’ve been having an amazing time these past 2 weeks in Colorado. Tons of new faces coming out to learn how to do awesome yo-yo tricks and lots of excited new yo-yo players.




Be sure to check out this weekend events in Colorado Springs. Every day after school YoYoFactory will be at YoYoLoco. And on Saturday we’ll be working with them to host the Colorado Springs Yo-Yo Contest!




In ever city we’re also throwing a City Yo-Yo Championships that everyone is invited to come out and participate in. No matter their skill level, everyone tried their tricks and has a good time.


In the end, everyone is a winner and walks away with a prize back full of cool YoYoFactory gear.




Hope to see you out at the next YoYoFactory tour in your area!


01 Apr 2013

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What better way to start of the YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour then, in the Rockies! As part of the tour, we set up at the USASA Snowboard National Contest in Copper, CO. From the minute we set up, people were hanging out playing Yo-Yo. Quite a few people already had skills and were throwing modern unresponsive YoYoFactory.








Even the winners were throwing YoYoFactory on the podium!



25 Mar 2013

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YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour Wordmark


YoYoFactory is proud to announce the YoYoFactory Rocky Mountain Tour 2013. We will be touring the Great state of Colorado for 3 weeks, visiting Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs areas. Below are all the details you’ll need to catch the YoYoFactory Team’s many appearances.


March 29th-30th and April 6th-7th

Copper Mountain: USASA Nationals (United States of America Snowboard Association)

10am- 6pm

YoYoFactory is proud to partner with the USASA as a sponsor of the 2013 Nationals. We will be on site teaching, showing off, running contests and you can even pick up some yo-yos if you want!


Denver Tour Stops


April 1st:
Timbuk Toys
200 Quebec St #121  Denver, CO 80230
(303) 366-1755

April 4th:
Timbuk Toys
2780 South Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 756-2522

April 5th:
Timbuk Toys
200 Quebec St #121  Denver, CO 80230
(303) 366-1755


Please check back for more dates and times to be announced.


On Friday, April 5th YoYoFactory will be holding the Denver Yo-Yo Contest at Timbuk Toys from 3:30 to 6pm. We invite you to come out and enjoy this awesome event. We’re going to have fun contests to enter, even if you’ve just started! Please check out the rules here.
Timbuk Toys
200 Quebec St #121  Denver, CO 80230
(303) 366-1755
3:30 PM – 6:00 PM


Fort Collins Tour Stops:



April 10th from from 3:30pm-6pm @ Learning Express Toys
2720 Council Tree Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 282-6501


Our other great local retailer we’ll be making appearances at:

Science Toy Magic
11 Old TownSquare
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 484-2377


Please check back for more dates and times to be announced.


On Saturday, April 13th we will be holding the Fort Collins Yo-Yo Contest 11am to 2pm at Learning Express! We’ll have divisions for all skill levels so even if you just started playing with a yo-yo you can enter! Check out all the rules here.


Learning Express Toys
2720 Council Tree Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 282-6501

11 AM – 2 PM

After the contest we’ll be at:
11 Old Town Square
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 484-2377

3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Mini contests, Learn how to yo-yo and come meet the Pros!


Colorado Springs Tour Stops:


April 15th to 19th EVERYDAY we will be at YoYo Loco from 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM!

YoYo Loco
744 Manitou Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 471-2726

Come hang out, learn how to yo-yo and meet the pros!


On Saturday April 20th we are holding the Colorado Springs Yo-Yo Contest right down the street from YoYoLoco at the Soda Springs Park Pavilion! We’ve got something for EVERY skill level. From 11-1 we’ll do the Classic Division. This is for all the competitors who are just getting started in yo-yo and it’ll be a lot of fun. After lunch from 2 to 4 we’ll have the Advanced Division for competitors to get on stage and do freestyles set to music. Check out all the rules here.

Soda Springs Park Pavilion
Park Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-2573

Beginner Division
11 AM – 1 PM

Freestyle Division
2 PM – 4 PM





20 Mar 2013

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Jason Lee is known for quite a few things in life… some of which we can mention here. US National Champion. Trick Innovator. Veteran. Yo-Yo Demonstrator. Photographer… and World Traveler. In the past few years Jason has been on many adventures, in many parts of the world. He’s beautifully documented his experiences in photography and descriptions on Facebook. From the Great Pyramids to the Eiffel Tower, Red Square to the markets of Vietnam and probably every country that ends in -stan. Through all his travels, he’s always carried a yo-yo. He has literally been around the world with it, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out this rare glimpse into his travels as Jason shows some tricks and answers some questions in the middle of the desert in China.



Thanks to Trinity Yoyo Club for curating this interview.

20 Mar 2013

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On a recent trip to San Fransisco Ann Connolly shot this great video with our friend Jake Wiens of The Ken Garden. Awesome shots at very cool locations with a great yo-yo, the H.O.T., and of course the tricks look good too!


08 Mar 2013

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When we set out to design the Ricochet we wanted to make a classic. The material is Titanium. Known for it’s amazing strength and luster. The performance is in the play, not in a complicated shape. A modern classic, for the players of today and the future.


Not only does Titanium have a low density, it’s very strong. It’s naturally lustrous and is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio which gives us the ability to have less weight in the wall, and more where it counts, on the rim. Traditionally it is used in aerospace products such as airplane wing supports and jet engines, as well as in armor plating. It also has a ‘feel’ unlike anything else you can make a yoyo from. It feels special because it is special. So special in fact, we numbered every yo-yo. 1 of 500.


March 17th 2013 Worldwide Release Date. Approx $199 USD.


Only one question remains…. Would you take advantage of the ability to throw sparks when you Walk the Dog or covet it, in its’ display case?



66.8 Grams
50mm Diameter
39mm Width
4.6mm Gap