17 Sep 2012

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Paolo has really made this contest season his. He had a really strong early season, capturing local titles. Then, California States showed his potential. After that it was one solid freestyle after another. Once Worlds rolled around, he was ready. Making it all the way through prelims and semi-finals he held his own in Finals and had a stellar first time on the World Championship stage. Paolo secured a qualifier for Nationals, and was just shy of getting a full seed to finals.


17 Sep 2012

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Tyler Severance has dominated his respective division for years. He’s won every title you could, state, regional, national and world titles. So, in 2012 he’s started to work on something new, 1A.


17 Sep 2012

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Tyler Goldenberg has been a stand out Protegé this year. Placing well in contests, honing his skills on and off the stage and dropping great parts in several popular videos. Next year is looking GOLD!


14 Sep 2012

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Tyler and Tyler are at it again with a new head to head video!


13 Sep 2012

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YoYoFactory is proud to present our Special Guest at 44CLASH Russia September 22nd and 23rd in Moscow, Russia, Hiroyuki Suzuki. He will be competing with our new collaborative yo-yo, the Equilateral.


Along with Hiroyuki, we will have several other representatives from across Europe and Asia. 44CLASH Russia is shaping up to be an amazing contest and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.



11 Sep 2012

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YoYoFactory has a great weekend planned for Southern California! It starts on Friday the 14th, 5-7pm at Optimus Toys Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Tyler, Clint, John and Seth will be hanging out, teaching tricks and running some fun contests. So don’t miss out.


On Saturday we will have  YoYoFactory Pop Up Store at The Lab in Coast Mesa, CA. We’ll have tons of new releases, including Champions Collection, New MVP2, New hats and gear and even B Grades.


Sunday the team will head out The Kite Connection on Huntington Beach Pier from 11 to 4. Come hang out with Tyler, Clint, Patrick, Jason Lee (!!!!), John, Ben and Seth. We’ll be doing demos, teaching and running fun contests so make sure to stop by!



04 Sep 2012

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We are proud to present our YoYoFactory Fall Buyer’s Guide 2012!


Since we have so many great releases this Fall that we wanted to share, we decided to put together a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide. In each product you’ll find detailed descriptions of the product, design team comments on the process, and even quotes from top Pros about their views on the new product.


Just CLICK on the PICTURE above to take you to the YoYoFactory Fall Buyer’s Guide 2012!


31 Aug 2012

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The YoYoFactory West Coast Tour finds Augie, Ann and Seth in beautiful San Francisco, CA. Hanging out in Union Square Park, they filmed this video. Great beats. Great Tricks. All in a great city.


29 Aug 2012

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Our last demo for this leg of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour (don’t worry, there will be more!) we head to Napa for Blues, Brews and BBQ. A huge street festival that Toy B Ville has invited us too. On the left is Darren, the owner of Toy B Ville and a really rad guy (more on that later). On the right is John, he started the local scene here and heads the Yo-Yo club at Toy B Ville. It’s always so amazing to see passionate, dedicated young people take charge and create something awesome for their community.



All day we had patrons visiting our booth. Learning, watching and having a good time. We never grow tired of people saying, “Wow! These are so much better then the old yo-yos I used to have when I was a kid. I can actually DO tricks!”.


But yo-yoing wasn’t the only thing happening…



… Darren was defending his title as Rib Eating Champion. Last year he came in as a rookie and destroyed the competition with 27 ribs in 10 minutes.



And within a few minutes, it was apparent how hungry he was for another title. Taking down 12 ribs before most others were even close to double digits.



Chowing down on another 12, and he was well ahead of the pack. 3 away from his previous record.



As he sets his 33rd rib in the bowl there was a little less then a minute to go, and 5 ribs ahead of the closest competitor.



Your 2012 Champion, Darren!


Now, back to yo-yoing…




We had a full day at the festival. Everyone who stopped by was excited to learn yo-yo. We had first timers and old hands alike take YoYoFactory yo-yos for a spin.




Ann and Augie also wow’ed the crowd with demos. Showing what Modern Performance Yo-Yos were all about.


Thanks to Darren, John and the whole crew at Toy B Ville for a great event.



27 Aug 2012

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted something new from John Ando, but this was WELL worth the wait. The master of tricks and movement shows off at the 800 YoYo Class Freestyle contest, and takes home first! Will this mark a return of Ando to the contest stage?