26 Jul 2012

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Augie is the archetype of a modern yo-yo performer. In the past 2 years he’s been all over the world. From China to Turkey to Dubai. And beyond his stage prowess he’s an outstanding yo-yo player. Check out his newest video: Hometown Hero.


25 Jul 2012

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24 Jul 2012

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Day 11 of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour finds us in Spokane WA. It was another busy day full of teaching and demos. Spokane was one of our biggest crowds so far.



Along with hundreds of new yo-yoers, some more experienced players came out for the day.




Like the other stops we ran contests for beginners and pros alike. We had 3 great contestants for the Pro Contest.



It’s always cool to see players who play and practice together competing head to head. Their different styles come out and they always have a good time.







Thanks so much Spokane for having up. Great crowds and great times!


22 Jul 2012

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Portland is such an exciting city. Great food, great vibe, great times. It also has one of the fastest growing yo-yo scenes in the country, thanks to YoYoUniversity. YoYoFactory held a special meet up in the park to hang out with the local crew.



We had a lot of fun hanging out, running contests and trading tricks. There is so much talent here it was amazing.



Thanks so much to everyone who came out. It was great getting to hang out with everyone and we can’t wait to come back next month for YoYo Summer Camp.


21 Jul 2012

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We knew the moment we rolled into the Grans Pass venue that it would be a good day. Before we could even set up the tent we had a crowd of people eager to learn how to yo-yo.



The day was filled with contests and demos. The audience was stoked to watch the Pros and after each performance the tent would get swarmed by people learning how to yo-yo.




In between the demos we also ran Long Sleeper contests that really got the competitors going. It was amazing to see how fast everyone was picking it up and we had some great Long Sleepers from people who had just picked up a yo-yo earlier that day.




We also had some Special Guests show up and compete in the YoYoFactory Pro Contest. Luke beat out his older brother Jack, and Ibs, for the West Coast trophy.




The Skate demo also went off! Huge crowds and great tricks. Thanks to everyone who came out to Grants Pass. We had a great time!



21 Jul 2012

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20 Jul 2012

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The morning started early in Reno. As we were driving out of town we passed by this crazy tree and had to turn around. It was COVERED with shoes.



Then, back on the road. Our first stop of the day is to see the extinct volcano of Lassen Peak.



Kato decides to see how far he could roll this boulder. It didn’t go far.



There were also these crystal clear lakes created from ice melting. In the background you can see Lassen Peak.




Back in the van, and out to the Northern California coast. It was a stunning afternoon at the picturesque Northwest coastline.



From the ocean we headed inland and north. Our journey took us through Bigfoot country.



Then, to the Redwood Forest. Here you’ll find THE biggest, oldest trees in the world. These mammoths are thousands of years old, and hundreds of feet tall.





AS the sun sets in the forest, we end our day of sight seeing and traveling. Tomorrow is our demo in Oregon. Can’t wait to see how it goes.



19 Jul 2012

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18 Jul 2012

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Day 7 of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour finds us at the Woodward Action Sports camp in Lake Tahoe. Woodward is a dream come true. It offers year round camps for Skateboards, BMX, snowboarding, gymnastics and skiing.



Before the demo Kato decided to steal a sesh on the ramp.



We had a great day of teaching and demos. The campers, and staff, really got into it and before the day was over almost everyone was walking around with a yo-yo in their hand.



We also had some contests. This Long Sleeper winner walked away with a 888!



Around 4 the skate demo started. Everyone was stoked to be at Woodward, and it showed in the demos.



After we packed up for the day we headed over to the indoor skatepark/mini mega ramp/trampolines/foam pits.




It was a good think we didn’t find this till after the demo. We could have spent all day in here.



Thanks to everyone who came out for the event. And a special thanks to the staff and campers at Woodward for making us feel so welcome! We can’t wait to come back!



18 Jul 2012

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What are you doing this Sunday? If you live in the Portland area, you should come out to the Tualatin Community Park! We’ll be hanging out, teaching tricks, testing new yo-yos and doing a contest!


Tualatin Community Park @ 1:00pm

8515 SW Tualatin Road

Tualatin, OR 97062