12 Jul 2012

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YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Pro Contest
INVITE ONLY! (But taking applications)


The Rules are simple: 3 Players will be invited per stop. We pick the music, you have 1 minute. GO!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to win one of these AWESOME trophies, plus other great YoYoFactory prizes send an EMAIL to with the subject: “YoYoFactory West Coast Pro Contest (YOUR STOP HERE)” along with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TOUR STOP ATTENDING and Recent Contest Results.


Only enter if you ALREADY plan on coming to one of the events.




12 Jul 2012

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The van rolled out of YYF hq under heavy skies thanks to the seasonal monsoons that kicked in overnight. Unlike last years east coast tour the west coast isn’t too far away so we stopped at a number of scenic locations filming for this years tour videos.

As we end up in Canada we also went to the Mexico border to truly cover the nation South to North.

All work and no play isn’t our style so we took a break at the WAVEHOUSE on Mission Beach for some chlorine tubes. Ironically it was AP last year YoYoFactory ran a private surf party in Singapore and this year we ride waves in southern California while AP gets underway in Singapore.

Next stop was La Jolla to connect with YoYoFactory Contest Team member David Ung and film some tricks. David is attending his first world yoyo contest this year and it was great to see him. Finally we crashed out for the night in Orange County, closer to our 1st public Demo as part of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents Birdhouse Left Coast Tour powered by Tech Deck Tour . Tomorrow morning Tour veterans Ann Connolly and Paul Han fly into LA. We could say we have hard work to do but that would be a lie….


Be sure to check out our first stop of the tour:


Saturday, July 14            3:00PM

Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita Skatepark

20840 Centre Pointe Parkway Santa Clarita, CA



30 Jun 2012

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Alex Garcia is a legend. When he was still a kid, Alex was touring all over the world in the mid 90′s. Along with a handful of others he helped introduce Japan to its first glimpse of modern yo-yoing. It spread like wildfire. He taught a lot of the people who taught the people competing this weekend at Japan Nationals. You could say he’s an honorary godfather of of Japanese yo-yoing. And you can hear the admiration in the crowd. Alex got the crowd going with a rendition of his iconic 1998 National Contest winning freestyle.


30 Jun 2012

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Busy First day at the 2012 Japan Nationals. With a huge crowd and staggering skill level, this year is sure to go down as one of the best in years. Good thin YoYoFactory is here to keep you up to date on all the products, scores and players!



First of, YoYoFactory has teamed up with Spin Gear for some great collaborative products. Heres the crowd waiting for the YYFxSG Accessories Pack. New t-shirt, key chain, hand towel (to dry your hands before performing), multi tool, OneStar, all in a custom YoYoFactory tote bag!



Speaking of exclusive. Here is one of the first full shots of the new Hiroyuki “Mickey” Suzuki x YoYoFactory Champion’s Collection yo-yo. Full sized, wide, and ready for anything you or the multi-time World Champion can throw at it.



As part of the celebration, YoYoFactory brought along another player with a signature model coming in the Champion’s Collection: Alex Garcia. Alex has been doing a lot of great promotion in Hawaii with his YoYoFactory808 club. Soon, he’ll have his own signature looping yo-yo, the Loop808, to show off. Pre-Release at Japan Nationals.



One of YoYoFactory’s own, Reiki Sekiya, threw down an amazing prelim freestyle. Only points away from the cut off to finals, Reiki still had an amazing freestyle. Showing off skills that will definitely take him to finals in the future.




And to round out the first day, Shu placed 1st in 2A prelims. His control is undeniable. We can’t wait to see what he’s got planned for finals.


Stay tuned to the YoYoFactory Blog, and the YoYoFactory Facebook Page for more updates, videos and pictures for this years Japan Nationals!


30 Jun 2012

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YoYoFactory Contest Team member Reiki Sekiya is one of the players holding down the contest scene in Japan. And this weekend is no different. Reiki threw down a stellar 1A prelim that was mere points away from making finals. Luckily we caught this awesome performance for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


28 Jun 2012

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Thing you’ve got the SPEED? The TRICKS? The determination to conquer the FAST Challenge? This weekend in Moscow the FAST Challenge will be running. If you’ve got what it takes check out the Offical Event Site for more info! On hand will been YoYoFactory Contest Team members from Russia.



27 Jun 2012

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In September of 2011, an old friend of mine asked me if I wanted to help out “Camp Kesem.” A little confused, I told her I had no idea what she was asking about. It turns out Camp Kesem is a free student-run summer camp open to kids from ages 6-16 who have a parent in treatment for cancer, in remission for cancer, or has passed away from cancer. She told me that for the summer of 2012, they were hoping to send 95 kids to camp and would love to have a professional yo-yo player as a special guest.



Honored, and a little overwhelmed, I gladly accepted her invite to be a part of Camp Kesem for the summer of 2012. A little unsure of what I should do, I decided I would try to teach the kids how to yo-yo. YoYoFactory graciously helped me out and donated over 100 Spinstars to the kids at camp.



On June 23rd, a Saturday, I set out to Camp with some new friends. When we arrived to the camp grounds, we walked into the middle of the Kesem Carnival—waterslide included. I started to demo for about 20 minutes when some kids got really interested and wanted to give it a shot. I let them try for a bit and told them I’d be running a yo-yo class later in the day when they were doing activity rotations. As the Carnival was coming to a close, the counselors asked the kids to
get into a circle and they all welcomed me with my new nickname, “Yogurt the yo-yo man,” or “Yogurt” for short. They asked me to get in the center of the circle and show them some tricks. A little embarrassed, I agreed, and the amount of cheering and compliments I received was pretty overwhelming.



After a quick lunch and some songs, we distributed a yo-yo to every camper. They were ecstatic and rushed to their cabins for “rest hour.” I went to the Teal Unit’s cabin with my new friends to prepare for  my rotations.



My first rotation was with the orange unit. The campers reaction to the Spinstars was fantastic. As I was walking to the patio where I was going to run my rotations, I saw huge groups of kids playing yo-yo. After a short demo, we played a quick game of “name that yo-yo trick,” where I would do my favorite yo-yo tricks and the campers would come up with names. Afterwards, the real fun started and I started to run the lessons. There was a lot of positive energy, as well smiles and laughter to go around.



As orange group left to go swimming, I went off to the ampitheater where my next rotation was held with the younger units in camp. This group was even BIGGER then the first! The kids were very welcoming and were also very enthusiastic. In this group, some of the counselors even joined in on the lessons. It was the first time most of them have played with a yo-yo in years.



When we were done with my second and last rotation, we all walked over to the dining hall and waited for dinner. As I sat down, I looked around the hall and realized at every table, there were a ton of kids playing with yo-yos and having a lot of fun. Even the groups that didn’t get to go to my lessons were messing around and learning tricks from the other campers. Heck, even the nurse was joining in on the fun!



After dinner, I headed home. I was really happy with the entire day. Everyone at camp, the kids, the counselors, and even the staff all had great attitudes and it was pretty fantastic. My favorite thing about Camp Kesem is that it does a good thing for the kids as well as the counselors. The kids are given a chance to be kids again; they are able to take a week off and enjoy their summer at camp with their friends… and the counselors get to help make that happen. It’s a beautiful thing, and from the one day I got to visit, I am extremely impressed. Camp Kesem was a wonderful, and extremely humbling, experience. If all goes well, I plan on going back next year. Thank you, Camp Kesem!



For more information about UCSD’s Camp Kesem, please visit their Website.


26 Jun 2012

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Igor Galiev never disappoints with his videos. He always picks great themes and scenery, not to mention amazing tricks!


21 Jun 2012

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The man. The Myth. The Legend. Alex Garcia has a laundry list of accomplishments. High on that list is the first Champion of a freestyle division. That may seem odd, but in the past contests ran on a list of tricks similar to current “ladder” style divisions. But because if the rising level of play freestyles were introduced. In 1998 US Nationals instituted freestyles for Champion divisions, and Alex rose to the occation clenched the title.


18 Jun 2012

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Yuji Kelly is no stranger to the UK National title. In 2009 he first captured the title, and now 3 years later he wins again. Yuji has an unparallelled combination of fluid string tricks and amazing banger tricks. Congrats on another win Yuji!