17 Jul 2012

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16 Jul 2012

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For our Sacramento stop of the West Coast Tour we had special guests Augie Fash and Gentry Stein… and Chris in the background.




We had great crowds at the fair. Today was the only day for the vert ramp, so the whole team was pumped to skate.




Excited crowd, great skating and some of the best yo-yoers in the country. Sounds like a good day to us!



15 Jul 2012

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Another amazing day in California. Today’s stop is the San Jose Skatepark. Before we could even get set up, people started picking up yo-yos and learning their first tricks.



In no time we had a huge crowd watching the YoYoFactory pros: Paul, Ann and Pat all threw down great freestyles. A true showcase of what modern performance yo-yos can do!



Next up was our first of many Long Sleeper Contests. For most of these players, today was their first time throwing a yo-yo. But they picked it up quick and won some great prizes!



Back in the YoYoFactory tent, people packed in to learn about yo-yos, look at the rad YoYoFactory product lineup for 2012 and learn more tricks.



In no time, the skate demo started. Huge crowds surrounded the bowl while the Birdhouse team went at it.



Always a fun watch, Kevin Staab killing it with color and skill!



Whether you’re a fan because of his style, his boards, or his shoes, Steve Caballero is a true legend in skateboarding. For those of you who don’t know, those Half Cabs you have, this man’s signature shoe. Undeniable Legend.



Speaking of Half Cab, this is Steve’s daughter. Rockin’ her own pair of her dad’s shoe. And showing the same style and grace int he bowl as him too.



More Long Sleeper contests back at the YoYoFactory booth. Show up for a skate demo, walk away a yo-yo champion with $100 YoYoFactory 888 in hand? Sounds like a good day!



We also help the YoYoFactory San Jose West Coast Tour Pro Contest! While one of our favorites of the day, Heshgod couldn’t hold it up to Aaron who threw down a great freestyle and took home the coveted West Coast Pro trophy! Congrats!



Tomorrow is slated to be the best day yet. Sacramento State Fair with tons of YoYoFactory Pros: Pat, Ann, Tyler, Augie, Gentry, Ben and Seth. Along with the Birdhouse Vert team and tons of other great activities! See you there around 4pm!




14 Jul 2012

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It was a beautiful day to star off our first stop of the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour in Santa Clarita!



As soon as we set up the YoYoFactory booth at the skatepark, people started learning how to yo-yo.



The whole day was nonstop crowds of new players eager to learn, and more experienced yo-yoers that stopped in to hang out and trade tricks.



Later in the day the Skate demo started. Tony Hawk, going hard even after breaking a rib recently.



Then it was time for the first YoYoFactory West Coast Pro Contest! We had a great line-up of players.


Ernest from the Philippines (now living in LA) came out on top. Congrats on the win, and the awesome trophy!



Oh yeah… and we saw this happen.



Tomorrow, San Jose! Rumor has is Steve Caballero is going to be skating the demo.

14 Jul 2012

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13 Jul 2012

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The day started early with Paul and Ann’s arrival into LAX. First stop once the crew is assembled: Randy’s Donuts. This LA institution is just down the street from LAX, and made the perfect start to a great day!



Our next stop was Hollywood. Ann wanted to see the Chinese Theater and all the stars on the sidewalk. While we were there, we ran into Wonder Woman and Michael Jackson. We hooked them up with some yo-yos and MJ  Moon-walked the Dog (we wish).



Ann was set out to find one specific star. Her favorite actress, Marilyn Monroe.



After a star studded, touristy morning, we headed to the Griffith Observatory for an amazing view of the city.



And on the other side, one of the best views of the Hollywood sign you can find!



No better way to end a packed day then to chill at the beach. A quick walk from our hotel brought us right out to the shore. Ben took some photos and footage of Ann and Pat playing on the beach as the sun was getting low in the sky.



The sun sets on another great day on the road. Next stop: Santa Clarita!



12 Jul 2012

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YoYoFactory West Coast Tour Pro Contest
INVITE ONLY! (But taking applications)


The Rules are simple: 3 Players will be invited per stop. We pick the music, you have 1 minute. GO!


If you think you’ve got what it takes to win one of these AWESOME trophies, plus other great YoYoFactory prizes send an EMAIL to with the subject: “YoYoFactory West Coast Pro Contest (YOUR STOP HERE)” along with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TOUR STOP ATTENDING and Recent Contest Results.


Only enter if you ALREADY plan on coming to one of the events.




12 Jul 2012

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The van rolled out of YYF hq under heavy skies thanks to the seasonal monsoons that kicked in overnight. Unlike last years east coast tour the west coast isn’t too far away so we stopped at a number of scenic locations filming for this years tour videos.

As we end up in Canada we also went to the Mexico border to truly cover the nation South to North.

All work and no play isn’t our style so we took a break at the WAVEHOUSE on Mission Beach for some chlorine tubes. Ironically it was AP last year YoYoFactory ran a private surf party in Singapore and this year we ride waves in southern California while AP gets underway in Singapore.

Next stop was La Jolla to connect with YoYoFactory Contest Team member David Ung and film some tricks. David is attending his first world yoyo contest this year and it was great to see him. Finally we crashed out for the night in Orange County, closer to our 1st public Demo as part of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents Birdhouse Left Coast Tour powered by Tech Deck Tour . Tomorrow morning Tour veterans Ann Connolly and Paul Han fly into LA. We could say we have hard work to do but that would be a lie….


Be sure to check out our first stop of the tour:


Saturday, July 14            3:00PM

Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita Skatepark

20840 Centre Pointe Parkway Santa Clarita, CA



30 Jun 2012

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Alex Garcia is a legend. When he was still a kid, Alex was touring all over the world in the mid 90′s. Along with a handful of others he helped introduce Japan to its first glimpse of modern yo-yoing. It spread like wildfire. He taught a lot of the people who taught the people competing this weekend at Japan Nationals. You could say he’s an honorary godfather of of Japanese yo-yoing. And you can hear the admiration in the crowd. Alex got the crowd going with a rendition of his iconic 1998 National Contest winning freestyle.


30 Jun 2012

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Busy First day at the 2012 Japan Nationals. With a huge crowd and staggering skill level, this year is sure to go down as one of the best in years. Good thin YoYoFactory is here to keep you up to date on all the products, scores and players!



First of, YoYoFactory has teamed up with Spin Gear for some great collaborative products. Heres the crowd waiting for the YYFxSG Accessories Pack. New t-shirt, key chain, hand towel (to dry your hands before performing), multi tool, OneStar, all in a custom YoYoFactory tote bag!



Speaking of exclusive. Here is one of the first full shots of the new Hiroyuki “Mickey” Suzuki x YoYoFactory Champion’s Collection yo-yo. Full sized, wide, and ready for anything you or the multi-time World Champion can throw at it.



As part of the celebration, YoYoFactory brought along another player with a signature model coming in the Champion’s Collection: Alex Garcia. Alex has been doing a lot of great promotion in Hawaii with his YoYoFactory808 club. Soon, he’ll have his own signature looping yo-yo, the Loop808, to show off. Pre-Release at Japan Nationals.



One of YoYoFactory’s own, Reiki Sekiya, threw down an amazing prelim freestyle. Only points away from the cut off to finals, Reiki still had an amazing freestyle. Showing off skills that will definitely take him to finals in the future.




And to round out the first day, Shu placed 1st in 2A prelims. His control is undeniable. We can’t wait to see what he’s got planned for finals.


Stay tuned to the YoYoFactory Blog, and the YoYoFactory Facebook Page for more updates, videos and pictures for this years Japan Nationals!