30 May 2012

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The Deal

Prior to the competition Paul and Luis struck a deal. If they could win 1st and 2nd, they would win a trip to 44Clash.


I hope they like sushi.


The Joker

Wild Card Paul Han. It is easy to forget Paul Han was a narrow 2nd at Nationals 2010 and how much of a contender he is every time he walks on stage. He was 2 Mexicans away from taking another BAC title 15 years after his first.

The People favorites

Gentry Stein wasn’t on the stage but he certainly was winning hearts off the stage. Without the demands of competing Gentry spent most of the day sharing tricks off to the side of the stage with anyone interested in learning. A true star.



The YoYo

One – Star was it. There is a challenge in making high performance low priced yoyos and it usually comes in the form of lower durability. At a low price less skilled users are not dissuaded from purchase meaning lots of people who don’t know what they are doing get their hands on yoyos you need a little bit of savy to use. This yoyo is our latest shot at it and it is too early to tell for sure but the general crowd reaction suggests we got it right.



The mindblower

Kevin Nicholas isn’t new to yoyo or competitions but a move to Seattle for school from Indonesia has put him firmly under the spotlight. Solid Cal States and PNWR freestyles enhanced his reputation and BAC sealed the deal.  TRUE horizontal BEHIND THE BACK. Those in the crowd watching him practice off stage know he is holding his best stuff back too.  Worlds? Nationals? LOOKOUT!!!



Harold Owens III

Come August in Orlando the USA could not have a better representative seeded into finals. Harold proved it once again he has the tricks he has the composure and he has what it takes. Over 3 minutes, on THAT stage? Game ON.




The battle continues! the winner?  Guess who? (don’t sue!)




Pre-contest fun! over $800 worth of prizes GIVEN AWAY, grab bag deals plus the Avant Garde 2 release. Everyone had fun. Thanks guys.



Day After

Nothing better than finding somewhere relaxing to hang out, with food provided and some sunshine. The BAC organizers did it right. Cant wait for BAC 2013!


29 May 2012

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Last week was the Amateur Spring Yo-Yo Contest in Russia. On hand were YoYoFactory team members, and they did very well.


Igor Galiev 2nd 1A SuperStar Division

Victor Gravitsky 4th 1A SuperStar Division



Aleksandr Pelevin 1A SuperStar Division


24 May 2012

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YoYoFactory is hitting the road for an epic West Coast Tour. Part of our tour we will join Tony Hawk and his Birdhouse Skateboards on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD presents Birdhouse Left Coast Tour powered by Tech Deck. We had so much fun last year, we couldn’t pass up another chance to tour with these guys. The annual Birdhouse Summer tour gives fans a great opportunity to come out and see some of the best that skateboarding has to offer at many of the finest skateparks on the West Coast. In addition to great street skating demos, Tony and the vert crew will be performing a spectacular halfpipe event at the Sacramento State Fair on Monday, July 16th.
This year’s line-up includes skateboarding legends Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and Willy Santos, along with an amazing crew of Birdhouse team members, including Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, David Loy, Shaun Gregoire, Clive Dixon, Michael Davis and Elliot Sloan. The halfpipe event will also feature guest appearances by Mitchie Brusco, Neal Hendrix, and Lincoln Ueda.
Saturday, July 14 Santa Clarita, CA @ Santa Clarita Skatepark
Sunday, July 15 San Jose, CA @ Lake Cunningham Skatepark
Monday, July 16 Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento State Fair Grandstands
Wednesday, July 18 Truckee, Lake Tahoe, NV @ Woodward Tahoe
Saturday, July 21 Grants Pass, OR @ Grants Pass Skatepark
Tuesday, July 24 Spokane, WA @ Hillyard Skatepark
Thursday, July 26 Seattle, WA @ Jefferson Skatepark
Saturday, July 28 Vancouver, BC @ Hastings Skatepark
Make sure to mark the dates on your calendar. And be sure to stay tuned for more info on the YoYoFactory West Coast Tour. More dates, Pros and announcements!

15 May 2012

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Although the Qu4dro will only be released in Europe, we thought we’d share this great video by one of the newest members of the YoYoFactory Contest Team, Daniel Budai.


13 May 2012

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YoYoFactory Europe is proud to present the new exclusive model, Quadro. Each color feature 1 of 4 of YoYoFactory’s European Champion’s signatures, along with their team mates.


This will be released exclusively in Europe.



10 May 2012

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When Gacek drops a new video, the office stands still for a few minutes. Amazing production quality, and tricks to match! And, it’s all with a ONE.



08 May 2012

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Redison is, hands down, one of the best new players we’ve seen. His young, youthful energy on stage is infectious. And his control of the yo-yo makes him look like a veteran.


07 May 2012

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Shu is one of the best 2A players in the world. That’s undeniable. But what you might not know is he’s also a solid 1A player also. Check out his 1A freestyle from HamaCon 2012.


07 May 2012

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Shu Takada is well on his way at winning a 2A world title. With multiple 44Clash wins, and many top National and Regional placings his sights are set. And as you can see by his recent performance at HamaCon 2012, the goal is very obtainable.


04 May 2012

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YoYoFactory is proud to announce that Kojo Boison will be representing us at the Amateur Spring Yo-Yo Contest 2012 in Moscow, Russia. This will be Kojo’s first time to Russia, but definitely not his last.