12 Apr 2012

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The European Yo-Yo Championships was a monumental start to the 2012 season. YoYoFactory Contest Team members from all over the world convened on Prague in late January to compete. In our 2nd installment of EYYC videos, we present some of the newest tricks our team has to offer.

10 Apr 2012

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YoYoFactory is honored to work with a great partner in Bandai Japan. On the 1st weekend of April we tagged along to their Hyper YoYo Event in Tokyo. Winners of regional contests all met off to battle in a FACE OFF contest where teams draw cards from a deck which name tricks. The players then choose which difficulty they will attempt, the harder for more points. After 3 draws/tricks there is a winner.



The final battle saw two local teams match up, although there were some close battles including a tied semi final with the team from Hokaido along the way. The final was tense with the excited winners taking home a huge case of special edition Hyper YoYos.



As well as the competitors the Top Spinner Pros were on hand to perform and many Japanese YoYo Champions came along to watch including World Champions Shaqler,  Shinya Kido, Hironori Mii and Jun Aramaki from REWIND, Taka from SpinGear, Eiji Okuyama and Reiki from YoYoFactory, the whole 44Clash crew plus a visitor from America, Bob Maloney from Bird in Hand Chico, the home of the USA National YoYo Contest.


09 Apr 2012

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This Sunday Tony Hawk is doing a huge, worldwide scavenger hunt, and YoYoFactory is part of it. Make sure you follow Tony Hawk on Twitter and keep an eye out on the Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt site.


09 Apr 2012

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557,400 people
Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages
Over 8Billion Gambled annually
Home to a Healthy growing YoYo scene!



YoYoFactory went along to the Macau YoYo Association meet last weekend, ate egg tarts, traded tricks and had a generally good time!




Keep an eye out for a video coming soon on the YoYoFactory YouTube page.


02 Apr 2012

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Harold Owens III knows about going for the win. 2011 was full of top placings across the country. Culminating with his 1st place win at the US National Yo-Yo Contest, Harold has his eye on the prize for 2012… He’s going FOR THE WIN.


28 Mar 2012

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One of our new Contest Team members from Europe, Daniel Budai, made this great video featuring the Counter Attack. Shot on location in Budapest, Hungary.


19 Mar 2012

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YoYoFactory808 is a club in Hawaii full of new and seasoned players. Here is a great video they did during a recent trip Ben made to the islands.


Yoyofactory808_ Shrimp from Alex Garcia on Vimeo.



07 Mar 2012

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This week finds Ben in Melbourne for the Australian Toy Hobby & Nursery Fair. YoYoDistribution’s Jon, Toby, and Wing are all repping YoYoFactory at the fair, where they’re demonstrating and teaching YoYoFactory Modern Performance yo-yos to the Australian toy industry.


25 Feb 2012

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Undeniable quality, performance and precision have defined the heritage of these 3 yo-yos. With World and National Champion titles, from all over the world, each yo-yo has proven itself as a benchmark in modern yo-yo play. The Genesis, Superstar and Supernova have become benchmarks in the industry and provide a level of play that can’t be matched. YoYoFactory is proud to present these 3 yo-yos along with 3 of the best players. The Genesis, with it’s creator Miguel Correa. The Superstar with Clint Armstrong. And Tyler Severance with his signature yo-yo, the Supernova.  Relaunching March 3rd.


20 Feb 2012

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Last week YoYoFactory took a trip to the New York Toy Fair to show off the 2012 line.


We are ready: products, banners, displays and Gacek hanging out in the corner. Also, check out the cool new YoYoFactory carpet. Bet that would look pretty cool in your front hall!



Here is a taste of what’s to come in 2012. Plastics, Metals and accessories, something for everyone. Modern Performance YoYos.



Ann Connolly also came to help us out at the booth. The international traveler was hard at work demoing product and talking to people about modern yo-yoing.



Also to help out were massive amounts of coffee. Long days, and lots of work go into showing at Toy Fair.



Along with buyers and retailers, we had friends stop by the booth to hang out and throw. Thanks for coming out guys. A great start to a great year here at YoYoFactory!