29 May 2014

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Available at select stores while stocks last.

28 May 2014

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Paolo is treated like a seasoned veteran at contests but it needs to remembered he is still only 16 and the way he steps up every contest he has it all in front of him.


27 May 2014

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With AMAZING weather in the Bay Area we headed out with Paul Han and Ann Connolly to shoot for a couple of upcoming new projects.

26 May 2014

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Paolo will win this contest in the coming years. Guaranteed!
YoYo used: tooHOT

26 May 2014

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Eric Koloskis’ 1st YoYoFactory player video

24 May 2014

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21 May 2014

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In 2003 YoYoFactory released its first yo-yo the FAST 201. The first day release happened simultaneously in Arizona and at the USA National YoYo Contest.
I remember the day pretty vividly, it was a big deal. i can remember explaining the new yo-yo and the concept behind the company to one of the national yo-yo masters who was shopping for a souvenir yoyo for the contest. He politely put the yoyo down and bought something else. it was a disheartening moment until this little kid who had overheard the explanation asked to take a look at it and bought the yo-yo.
That kid went on to win that contest for years later and here, a decade on, we are proud to announce he is joining our team.

Welcome to YoYoFactory Eric Koloski.


USA National Champion 2008
2nd Place USA National Champion 2007, 2009
3rd Place 1A World Champion 2006
Reigning Triple Crown 1A Champion

19 May 2014

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Patrick Mitchell may be a 2x USA National 2A player but ultimately he is a yoyo player. So when he goes on a trip, he takes a yo-yo. This was a 3 day adventure around the Utah – Arizona Border early May 2014.

Plan your next adventure, and don’t forget to take a yo-yo.
YoYo: Protostar (ICONS)



16 May 2014

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“When you play 3A it is like one hand is on auto pilot, like a robot”
Part Man. Part Machine.
Patrick Borgerding signature yo-yo
Talk of signature yo-yos usually starts with an off hand comment, usually after a major contest win. Patrick Borgerding didn’t even need to make the comment when he won the USA National Contest. We already had it planned. The plan involved working with Kentaro Kimurra, long time friend, World YoYo Champion and owner of Turning Point, a boutique Japanese manufacturer. Kentaro had ideas for the perfect yoyo for Patrick and we all agreed on a design direction and plan. We tested in both 6061 and 7075 with knowledge we could choose to produce both, either or neither. We took our time. We wanted this to be a special yoyo. We made it local (every stage of the production was performed in USA) and spared no expense for finish or looks. In the end we went with 6061. Its finish stood up to hits better than 7075 and the performance couldn’t be bettered.
The end result is one of the finest yo-yos we have ever made.

The CYBORG is born.
56.4mm dia
43mm wide


Patrick Borgerding 
Patrick Borgerding started his yo-yo career beachside at Redondo Pier. He joined a video contest to be selected as a member of the YoYoFactory Junior Team (along side John Chow, David Ung, Yuji Shimokawa Kelly and Paul Kerbel). The SoCal yo-yo scene was strong on positive 3A influencers (3A inventor Mark McBride, World Champion Paul Yath and local master Yoshi Mikamoto) and he flourished. YoYo was one of Patricks many hobbies throughout high school but when he committed to it the results came in the form of a win at the USA National Contest a a second place at the World YoYo Contest. Patrick is currently studying in Barcelona Spain and will make Europe his home until August when he competes at The World YoYo Contest in Prague

25 Mar 2014

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YoYoFactory is still on #YYFTour14 and this week we are in Kansas City with Go Big Skill Toys!

If you are in the area and want to come hand out Tyler, Joe, and Clint will be at Go Big everyday from 3:30 to 6:00 this whole week. Come by and learn some tricks!

Go Big Skill Toys

12156 Shawnee Mission Prkway, Kansas