16 Dec 2013

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I met Shaun via Instagram, where he left me a comment about how much YoYos had helped him cope with his Cerebral Palsy. After chatting a bit back and forth with Shaun about his story, it really made me reflect on my life and how grateful I am for my health and all the opportunities I’m given.
I’ve told my story a million times now, about how much YoYos have helped me and how I hope they can help other people. But YoYos have helped Shaun far beyond how they have helped me. I hope by sharing his story he can inspire some of you to be stronger in the face of adversity as he inspires me.
Shaun 8 yrs old

                         “My name is Shaun Sandefur and I have currently been YoYoing for about three years now. When I was born my parents were puzzled at why I couldn’t sit up. They had tests run to find out why this was happening. The test results came back that I had a fatal neurological disease called Ataxia Telangiectasia. Devastated by this, my parents had additional tests run to find out if this was the final conclusion. Thankfully due to everybody’s prayers, and the grace of God, the second test results came back saying I only had mild Cerebral Palsy. So when I was two years old, my parents took me to have neuro- spine surgery in St. Louis. During that surgery the Doctors cut 70 percent of my nerves in my Spinal Column. Before that I had been only able to walk with a walker and within six weeks after the surgery I could walk on my own.  When I was eight years old I had a surgery done on both of my Femurs, where the doctors cut and rotated the bones to where they needed to be. To this day I can walk without any pain whatsoever, but with a very bad limp. Limiting a lot of the activities I could participate in with other kids.

Shaun 2 yrs old

    My experience with YoYos began in the fourth grade when I saw a kid throwing a simple wooden throw at school. Remembering I had a cheap plastic one at home, I decided I wanted to start doing it as a hobby. Each day I brought my YoYo to school. The other boy and I practiced, and got better and better. During that summer my dad had mentioned that they were having yoyo classes at the local toy store, Fun Things Etc., on our local Main Street. I couldn’t wait to start attending. The teacher of the class was an elderly man who soon stopped teaching the class and left his best student to lead it. Once the new school year had started and I was at another school, I looked forward to every Thursday afternoon, when the class started. I had made a new friend at my school and taught him everything I knew. We soon started going to the class together. By the end of that school year, it was just me my friend and the young yoyo teacher. He told me I had great potential, which made me so happy. I remember the last day he taught me and my friend. He had given me a YoyoFactory Protostar from his collection. That’s when I started taking it seriously.

    I started practicing every night by watching videos on youtube. As I got better and better, YoYoFactory quickly became my favorite brand. I bought better YoYos with my own money and practiced everyday at school. Some kids started saying I was weird because I put so much time into it, saying that it was just a toy. This all caused me to stop up until seventh grade when I saw Tyler Severance’s Supernova video with John Ando  and Jason Lee on YouTube. I decided I wanted to start getting back into yo-yoing because it was the one thing my disability didn’t effect. I bought a Supernova and have been practicing ever since, striving to overcome this disadvantage I have.

Shaun yo yo2

Shaun yoyo

When I have a yoyo in my hands, I feel unstoppable. Yo-yoing makes me feel like I can make up for the other things I am limited at doing. And personally…I don’t mind :).

11 Dec 2013

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The new SPLASH/BLASTED John Ando edition Superstar is available worldwide this week.



Check it in Action



29 Nov 2013

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To anyone seeking out bargains for this black Friday we’ve compiled a few links to the best YoYoFactory deals on the net!

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25 Nov 2013

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Welcome to the 2014 YoYoFactory Holiday Buyers Guide!

This will be an ongoing comprehensive buyers guide over the next few weeks into December. Posts will be made sniffing out the best deals for your favorite YoYoFactory YoYos all across the internet! This will be a valuable resource to any collectors, beginners, bargain hunters, and anyone that loves yoyo!


19 Nov 2013

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Busy contest weekend for the Yo-Yo World! Not only AZ States and the Mexican Winter Championships, but PA States was this weekend as well! A lot of big names attended but young Chandler Steele stood out to us here at YoYoFactory. You’ll be hearing his name in the future. Check out his freestyle!


19 Nov 2013

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The Mexican Winter Championships took place this weekend. Luis slaying the competition with a very convincing win!


19 Nov 2013

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#yoyofair went down in Japan today with @yoyofactoryjp out there representing! Special Thanks to @Masagabu0225 for putting part of his amazing collection on display. Check out the #yoyofactoryjp X @fistsalud T!


19 Nov 2013

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The Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest went down this weekend. In 1a Clint Armstrong took home his first ever contest win. Newman Becker winning 3a, and Daniel Mizell winning 4a!

Clint Armstrong Shutter

07 Nov 2013

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Luke Finnell, Ibrahim Rahman, and Joe Wilson all dropped breathtaking Shutter videos!


We’re all hard at work here setting up the 2013 Arizona State YoYo Contest, It’s going to be huge! Be sure to join us on November 16th at the Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Arizona YoYo Contest 2013

AZyoyo site header 1


Patrick wasn’t at the office last week, he was busy in California filming for an episode of Fusion’s Good Morning Today! Watch P-Mitch keep it real!

Yo-Yo World’s Bad Boy Patrick Mitchell Shows Off at Good Morning Today

The Czech National YoYo Contest made for an insane weekend in Prague! Vashek never fails to impress, scoring a solid 2nd place with his new pro model Czech Mate. The crowd loves him just as much as we do!


Glow Collection essentials. Be sure to NOT miss out on these gorgeous new additions!

Protostar, Loop 1080

Protostar, Loop 1080

01 Nov 2013

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Jason Lee is not only a World Class yoyo player but also an avid photographer traveling the world and documenting it.


To celebrate his relationship with the lens we created this player edition SHUTTER

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.27.57 PM


Now shipping to elect stores in limited quantities it comes packaged with a spare SPEC X bearing, bearings can be hard to find if you travel to remote places like Jason, and a custom YoYoFactory lens polishing cloth.