31 Jul 2013

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It may be small, but it can sure pack a punch! Our friend Will really sets the bar for what can be done on the Mighty Flea.


30 Jul 2013

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With Worlds a week away, Paolo only has 1 freestyle to practice for, his Finals. Here’s his winning routine! Looking forward to what he brings to the stage at Worlds!


25 Jul 2013

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The YoYoFactory SUPERSTAR is back. Who better than one of the biggest yoyo SUPERSTARS of all-time, John Ando to show it off!


SUPERSTAR Available August 1.


23 Jul 2013

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Tyler AZ Contest Banner 1


Hello to all and thank you for being a part of YoYoFactory’s YoYo Classes this summer!


To cap off this summer and recognize the player who has learned the most tricks, we’ll be
organizing the YoYoFactory Summer YoYo Contest!


This Saturday, July 27th, the YoYoFactory Summer Contest will be held at the Main Mesa
Library (64 East 1st Street, Mesa AZ, 85201) 480-644-3100. From 11:30 AM until 1 PM.


The tricks we’ll be using to test competitors skills are:


Players will be awarded 1 point for a successful make on their first attempt, and 1/2 of a point for a successful make on their second attempt.


No need to register in advance, no cost to participate. Participants and spectators are welcome! Bring your family and friends out for what is sure to be an awesome fun filled event!


– Tyler


19 Jul 2013

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In 2008 we wanted to see how far we could push the rules of yo-yo design. We wanted to make something wide and easy to control, because that’s what our team was asking for. We wanted something that could spin longer so our team could have the best chance at success. What we came up with was the Superstar. Early prototypes were hit or miss. The ones that worked were amazing! But, because of the inherent difficulty in the design, we didn’t plan on making them a production model. That is, until our team started winning World and National titles with it!




John Ando was the first to capture a World title with the Superstar in his ground breaking freestyle that turned a new generation of yo-yoers onto arm tricks and movement in a freestyle. After that, we knew we had to make this for every player. After careful engineering and working closely with our factories we finally had the ultimate competitive design. The Superstar has gone on to win tons of titles, and become a staple yo-yo in any players arsenal.




Now, 5 years later, we have taken the core philosophy of the Superstar and given it new attributes that todays players are asking for. We pushed the boundaries even wider. We brought the inner wall closer to the bearing to reduce friction when doing horizontal tricks. And, most noticeably, we designed it without hubstacks to minimize center weight for even longer spin times.




This is a true competitor, and with it you can be the next Superstar. Available Worldwide August 1st





18 Jul 2013

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YoYoFactory Presents The World’s Smallest Modern Performance Yo-Yo: The Might Flea.


Might Flea Pack 1


Step right up and don’t let its coin size fool you, this little guy can really perform! Underneath it’s stainless steel shell you’ll find hand cut custom response pads, special pint-sized bearing and it’s own thin string. Go ahead, put this mini machine to the test. The Might Flea will take to the center ring July 29th, 2013.


Mighty Flea Flea Face side 1 Mighty Flea Gap View 1 Mighty Flea MF side 1

16 Jul 2013

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Ginji was a star at AP. It wasn’t even because he won the 2A division, which he did, it was the fact he constantly plays yoyo, loves it, loves meeting new yoyo players, loves sharing tricks. We are proud to be associated with him and congratulate him on his first international contest win.


15 Jul 2013

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2A is a contest division. Looping is a style of play. with that cleared up I think it is easy to agree with the statement Atsushi Yamada is the greatest looping player of this generation and one of the greatest of all!


09 Jul 2013

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This Summer YoYoFactory Pro Tyler Severance will be holding Yo-Yo Classes all over. Come by to any of the classes listed below and learn from a US National Yo-Yo Champion!


Mondays (June 10, 17, 24 July 1, 8, 15)
Hamilton Library YoYo Class 6-7:30pm
3700 S. Arizona Ave. Chandler AZ 85248
(480) 782-2828


Tuesday (June 18, 25 July 9, 16)


Red Mountain Library 10:30am- 12pm
635 N. Power Rd. Mesa AZ 85205
(480) 644-3183


Dobson Ranch Library 2-3:30pm
2325 S. Dobson Rd. Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 644-3100


Wednesdays (June 19, 26 July 10, 17)


Mesa Main Library 10:30am-12pm
64 E. 1st St. Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 644-2207
Thursdays (June 13, 20, 27 July 11, 18, 25)


Chandler Community Center 5-6:30pm
125 E. Commonwealth Ave. Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 782-2727


Fridays (June 14, 21, 28 July 5, 12, 19)


Chandler Downtown Library YoYo Class 1-2:30pm
22 S. Deleware St. Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 782-2800


Chandler YoYo Club EVERY Friday at Game Daze 5:30-7pm
3111 W. Chandler Blvd. Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 812-8488


Every Saturday
Game Daze 5:30 – 7pm
6555 E Southern Ave Mesa, AZ 85206
(480) 832-0212



07 Jul 2013

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We just got a bunch of awesome new colors in and we’re excited to show them off. First up, the ultimate looping machine, Loop 1080 is receiving a full stock in 2 new colorways. Creating the perfect looper has been a labor of love here at YoYoFactory. A challenge that has spanned over 3 years and several models. We are proud of the results and can’t wait for you to try them!





Heres another shot of the new Loop 1080 colorways. We’ve got the bright and flashy edge-glow yellow with neon pink caps for the flashy crowd. And for those looking for something more subtle and understated, clear with gold print.




The ONEstar has become a new canvas for special editions, and a mainstay for anyone looking for amazing performance at a good price. We wanted to spice things up for the latest general release with this solid red ONEstar with new cap art.


red onestar


Finally, we have a special edition ONEstar. We went with a sleek matte black finish and our popular “Triple” logo.