03 Aug 2012

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Cool, calm and calculated. Gentry’s Semi-finals show again why he’s been laying low this year on the contest circuit. We can’t wait to see hi Final round.


02 Aug 2012

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Gentry Stein is sitting right where he wants to be on the results board. He’s a sleeper.He took it very safe with his prelim freestyle. But it was more then enough to secure him a spot right in the middle of the pack. Semi-finals tomorrow will only tell what Gentry might have up his sleeves.


17 Jul 2012

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16 Jul 2012

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For our Sacramento stop of the West Coast Tour we had special guests Augie Fash and Gentry Stein… and Chris in the background.




We had great crowds at the fair. Today was the only day for the vert ramp, so the whole team was pumped to skate.




Excited crowd, great skating and some of the best yo-yoers in the country. Sounds like a good day to us!



30 May 2012

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The Deal

Prior to the competition Paul and Luis struck a deal. If they could win 1st and 2nd, they would win a trip to 44Clash.


I hope they like sushi.


The Joker

Wild Card Paul Han. It is easy to forget Paul Han was a narrow 2nd at Nationals 2010 and how much of a contender he is every time he walks on stage. He was 2 Mexicans away from taking another BAC title 15 years after his first.

The People favorites

Gentry Stein wasn’t on the stage but he certainly was winning hearts off the stage. Without the demands of competing Gentry spent most of the day sharing tricks off to the side of the stage with anyone interested in learning. A true star.



The YoYo

One – Star was it. There is a challenge in making high performance low priced yoyos and it usually comes in the form of lower durability. At a low price less skilled users are not dissuaded from purchase meaning lots of people who don’t know what they are doing get their hands on yoyos you need a little bit of savy to use. This yoyo is our latest shot at it and it is too early to tell for sure but the general crowd reaction suggests we got it right.



The mindblower

Kevin Nicholas isn’t new to yoyo or competitions but a move to Seattle for school from Indonesia has put him firmly under the spotlight. Solid Cal States and PNWR freestyles enhanced his reputation and BAC sealed the deal.  TRUE horizontal BEHIND THE BACK. Those in the crowd watching him practice off stage know he is holding his best stuff back too.  Worlds? Nationals? LOOKOUT!!!



Harold Owens III

Come August in Orlando the USA could not have a better representative seeded into finals. Harold proved it once again he has the tricks he has the composure and he has what it takes. Over 3 minutes, on THAT stage? Game ON.




The battle continues! the winner?  Guess who? (don’t sue!)




Pre-contest fun! over $800 worth of prizes GIVEN AWAY, grab bag deals plus the Avant Garde 2 release. Everyone had fun. Thanks guys.



Day After

Nothing better than finding somewhere relaxing to hang out, with food provided and some sunshine. The BAC organizers did it right. Cant wait for BAC 2013!


27 Apr 2012

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Gentry is one of the younger members on the YoYoFactory Contest Team, but don’t let that fool you. Over the last 2 contest seasons Gentry has racked up an impressive resume of top placings. To give you a taste of what’s to come, he has released a new video. Hopefully we will see more in the future…


19 Mar 2012

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Gentry Stein has picked up a new Protegé, Luke Finnell. Here are a few words from Gentry about Luke:


The first time Lukes yoyoing caught my attention was last year at the 2011 Pacific Northwest Regionals. At the time he was 13 years old and had been yoyoing for only a year. The amount of professionalism and control he had over the yoyo on stage amazed me. The best part is, it was his first ever competition. Since then, I have been watching him progress through his videos and he has improved so much in such a short amount of time. Luke is going to hit the contest scene hard this year, but I am confident he will continue to bring the heat, and become a top competitor in the near future. Making yoyoing look good is one of the most important aspects of it all. There’s no question Luke knows how to do that. I am stoked to announce Luke as my protege.


07 Mar 2012

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There is no question, Gentry Stein is a rising star in yo-yoing. Last season he made his mark on the contest scene with multiple wins, and high places at some of the most prestigious contests in the world. In the 2012 season he plans to do even better. After his win the weekend before at PNWR, Gentry set his sights on his home states title, California Champion, and got it. We are all looking forward to seeing what he has to show at the Bay Area Classic in May.


29 Feb 2012

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In 2011 Gentry Stein had a big year. In his first professional season he manged top placings at some of the biggest contests in the country, along with top 3 at the World and National Championships. Not bad for being 15 years old. And 2012 is shaping up to be even better. Talking top honors at PNWR last weekend, Gentry is gunning for his state’s title, California Champion.


22 Sep 2011

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YoYoExpert is first to list this new yo-yo from YoYoFactory, the second signature edition of Gentry Stein.


“With the HUGE success of Gentry Stein and his signature yo-yo, the Super G, YoYoFactory wanted to re-think what the Super G is capable of. Shrunken down to an undersized throw, the G Funk is one of the best all around pocket yo-yos that they have ever made.


Almost identical in shape and dimension to its bigger brother, the Super G, the smaller diameter and lighter weight G Funk is a fundaMETAL yo-yo that can rival the best all around throws on the market. The smaller diameter changes the weight distribution so that the yo-yo is more nimble on the string and faster though the air.


If you like what the Super G brings to the table, you are going to love the G-Funk! This initial release features the G-Funk in three colors (Blue/Black Acid, Green Acid, Solid Red). But also available in a solid black wavelength edition with laser engraved wavelength rims!”