02 Apr 2012

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Harold Owens III knows about going for the win. 2011 was full of top placings across the country. Culminating with his 1st place win at the US National Yo-Yo Contest, Harold has his eye on the prize for 2012… He’s going FOR THE WIN.


06 Mar 2012

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After his stellar win at 2011 US Nationals, Harold Owens III is ready for 2012. In his first appearance of the season, Harold is taking the opportunity to experiment with the new judging system and find what really works for him. A great start to a great season. We can’t wait to see what he has to show next.


12 Dec 2011

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2011 has been a stellar year for Harold Owens III. Seemingly out of no where, though we’ve had our eye on him for a while, he took the US contest season by storm.  Garnishing quite a bit of attention with his high placing in every contest he entered, Harold joined the YoYoFactory Contest Team shortly before the World Championships.



And his performance at Worlds did not disappoint. Even though he barely missed finals, he became a true crowd favorite. After Worlds Harold had his sights set on one thing: US Nationals.



As he took the stage, he definitely “got his swagger back”. Flying through one of the most fluid, stylish freestyles of the day Harold took top honors: 1A US National Champion.


To commemorate his outstanding 2011 contest season YoYoFactory has created a special edition Catalyst, the same yo-yo he used to win Nationals. Available in 2 colors, these are already moving fast.


04 Oct 2011

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This past weekend, in Chico, CA, Harold Owens III took 1st place in the 1A division of the USA National Yo-Yo Contest. Harold was added to our team earlier this year this was his first time competing in the USA National Yo-Yo Contest. Congratulations Harold.



22 Sep 2011

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Harold Owen III is a major threat at any contest he attends. Off the stage he is building a solid repertoire of bangers, but world be warned…. he is just starting to blow up and could become one of the most dominate players of his generation.




21 Aug 2011

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Ohio States
Harold Owen III continues to impress this time
taking out the 1A division at the Ohio State Contest.



2nd place went to Protege Darnell Hairston, who also took out another Division.
Big shoutout to Yu Tsumura who won the Open division. His 3A is super smooth and
he is going places with it, but in this contest it was his 2A that got him the


In Roseville California Learning Express
hosted a YoLExTraveganza! Adrian La of BOMBSQUAD was the bigger winner. Congrats


Another highlight of the day was the gentry v augie demo. Gentry used a whip
for most of it and they both killed it by all accounts.


Gentry holds court while Augie looks on


Summer in Moscow is the time to play yo-yo, and AERO-YO FEST is one of the big events on the calendar.