16 Sep 2014

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16 Sep 2014

Posted By: yoyofactoryben

We have filmed a video with John Ando every year since 2010. For this years video we had grand plans, locations schedules…. we also saw oppressive weather moving in, so we filmed everything in studio before we hot the road, just in case. 107f (42C) and blazing sun greeted us but we still put this video together. Part 2 will be a studio video 











11 Dec 2013

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The new SPLASH/BLASTED John Ando edition Superstar is available worldwide this week.



Check it in Action



25 Jul 2013

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The YoYoFactory SUPERSTAR is back. Who better than one of the biggest yoyo SUPERSTARS of all-time, John Ando to show it off!


SUPERSTAR Available August 1.


20 Jan 2013

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There’s no denying it, we love Shaqler! From the Shaqler Loop 900s we did to the recent Shaqlerstar in Champions Collection. All the way to the Shaqler town we have hanging in the Creative Department. Recently at the huge Hyper Yo-Yo event Shaqler did a guest performance. Their “Keep YO Soul” remix is to sick!


Thanks to YoYoStore Rewind for filming this.


07 Jan 2013

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We are always yo-yoing. Whenever. Wherever we have a chance. This weekend after the East Japan Yo-Yo Contest we were waiting for a Ramen shop to open up, and decided to shoot a video. Featuring multiple time World and National John Ando playing with the new Champions Collection Proton.


27 Aug 2012

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted something new from John Ando, but this was WELL worth the wait. The master of tricks and movement shows off at the 800 YoYo Class Freestyle contest, and takes home first! Will this mark a return of Ando to the contest stage?


12 Dec 2011

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Over the last week YoYoFactory has been releasing select videos from the Undeniable DVD. National and World Champion, John Ando, has several of our favorite parts. Shot on location in Hong Kong, Japan and China providing a great backdrop to amazing yo-yoing.


First, we have his 1A video. After his 2008 World Championship win, John’s style and approach to tricks was adapted worldwide as the new standard of modern play. With his unique body moves and smooth string tricks, he is undeniably one of the best 1A yo-yo players in the world.



Beyond his revolutionary 1A, John is also 4 time US National 2A Champion. Rarely has a player ever had such a crossover resume.


His talent is Undeniable.



19 Oct 2011

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A video of John Ando