05 Jan 2014

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Ginji Miura in a new mind blowing video showing off his 2a play.

Loop 1080~

07 Nov 2013

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Luke Finnell, Ibrahim Rahman, and Joe Wilson all dropped breathtaking Shutter videos!


We’re all hard at work here setting up the 2013 Arizona State YoYo Contest, It’s going to be huge! Be sure to join us on November 16th at the Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Arizona YoYo Contest 2013

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Patrick wasn’t at the office last week, he was busy in California filming for an episode of Fusion’s Good Morning Today! Watch P-Mitch keep it real!

Yo-Yo World’s Bad Boy Patrick Mitchell Shows Off at Good Morning Today

The Czech National YoYo Contest made for an insane weekend in Prague! Vashek never fails to impress, scoring a solid 2nd place with his new pro model Czech Mate. The crowd loves him just as much as we do!


Glow Collection essentials. Be sure to NOT miss out on these gorgeous new additions!

Protostar, Loop 1080

Protostar, Loop 1080

07 Jul 2013

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We just got a bunch of awesome new colors in and we’re excited to show them off. First up, the ultimate looping machine, Loop 1080 is receiving a full stock in 2 new colorways. Creating the perfect looper has been a labor of love here at YoYoFactory. A challenge that has spanned over 3 years and several models. We are proud of the results and can’t wait for you to try them!





Heres another shot of the new Loop 1080 colorways. We’ve got the bright and flashy edge-glow yellow with neon pink caps for the flashy crowd. And for those looking for something more subtle and understated, clear with gold print.




The ONEstar has become a new canvas for special editions, and a mainstay for anyone looking for amazing performance at a good price. We wanted to spice things up for the latest general release with this solid red ONEstar with new cap art.


red onestar


Finally, we have a special edition ONEstar. We went with a sleek matte black finish and our popular “Triple” logo.




07 Jun 2013

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As the 2013 Contest Season starts, defending World Champion Shu Takada is poised to claim a 2nd World title. Armed with his signature Loop 1080s, Shu is pushing the limits of 2A like no one on earth.


29 Apr 2013

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Shu had an outstanding Contest Season last year. The pinnacle of it was his World Championship win in 2A, and also the release of his highly anticipated signature Loop 1080. Getting in some stage time before Japan Nationals, and Worlds. Looking good!


11 Feb 2013

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If you fall down, get up and keep going. World Champion Shu Takada is a great example of this. At Central Japan last weekend he was poised to take the top spot and get his seed to finals at Nationals. But, with one little variable his signature move sent him tumbling. But it didn’t phase him and he kept going hard with the most amazing 2A routine we’ve seen since his World winning routine last August.


25 Jan 2013

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Yo-yoing has always been a very personal hobby of mine. I never planned on advertising or promoting myself very much outside of attending yo-yo competitions because for me, yo-yoing is a creative outlet that I take part in purely for the joy that I get out of it. Ironically enough, over the years my yo-yoing has caught the attention of people/companies who have sponsored me, sent me around the world, put me on nationwide television, and allowed me the opportunity to share my love of this hobby by performing in front of crowds around the globe. The experience has been amazing and I have learned a very big lesson in the amount of success that a person can have by simply finding something that they are truly passionate about and focusing on it, even if only for the reason that they just love doing it.


The below video, shot by Hironori Mii from Yo-Yo Store REWIND of Japan, is a short and simple compilation of some of my older and more favorite tricks. Enjoy!


– Patrick Mitchell


14 Nov 2012

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After Shu Takada dominated the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest with the YoYoFactory Loop900, we sat him down and started working on ways to improve the Loop900 design. The adjustment mechanism was improved and moved from being off centered to the very center of the yo-yo halve. The plastic spacers were resized and slightly re-designed and the weight and shape were very slightly altered. The result of all of these changes yielded an entirely new yo-yo that proved its worth by winning the USA National Yo-Yo Contest on production prototypes! Whether you are a top level 2A player looking for the best looping yo-yo or a beginner looking to take your looping skills to the next level, the Loop1080 has a setting for you.


51.6 Grams
58.4 mm Diameter
33.46 mm Wide