19 Nov 2013

Posted By: yoyofactoryben

The Mexican Winter Championships took place this weekend. Luis slaying the competition with a very convincing win!


10 Aug 2013

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What a season it’s been for Luis! He’s been busy with tours, demos, finishing school and a tie for 1st at BAC. Will all that he’s put in, we knew Worlds would be special. In prep for Worlds, we wanted to outfit him with the best equipment possible. So we created a new breed of Genesis to his exacting specifications. Armed with his perfect yo-yo, and years of practice, Luis presented one of the most energetic, diverse routines the stage had ever seen.


24 Jun 2013

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2013 BAC Co-Champion with Teammate Gentry Stein is no small feat. Has he prepares for the World Championship in August, he takes advantage of his stage time at the Mexican Summer Yo-Yo Contest to get a feel for some new tricks.


27 May 2013

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Yo-Yo is one of the most evolving sports in the world. Things move so fast that the competitors are defining the rules. In an unprecedented turn of events, the 2013 Bay Area Classic was host to the first tie in a freestyle division. Watching both Gentry and Luis, you’d be hard pressed to find a definitive winner. As The World Championships gets closer, what these 2 will bring to the stage is on everyones mind.