13 Dec 2012

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Repent! The end is nigh! 12/21/12 may mark the end of the world as we know it… but, it will also mark the release of the Doomsday Genesis. Beginning to End. 7075 Aluminum. Made in America.
67.9 Grams. 42.75mm Wide. 56.42mm Diameter. Done in a brilliant Earth ending green and blue.
Comes with Center Trac and Natural Pro Pads installed. New Spec X and extra Natural Pro Pads in the box.

14 Nov 2012

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After the Genesis was released in 2009 to rave reviews and massive popularity, YoYoFactory wondered if there was anything that they could do to improve this design. After testing a few different concepts, the overwhelming winner was the addition of YoYoFactory’s patented triple bearing Hubstack System. Not onlydo the hubstacks enable you to perform different tricks, but the additional weight and the altered weight distribution change the Genesis into a completely different beast. Limited in color and quantity, these won’t last long!


68.8 Grams
56.4 mm Diameter
43.94 mm Wide



16 Jan 2012

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The Genesis is regarded as one of the best competition yoyos ever created. With multiple National titles under it’s belt, 2012 starts off with new refinements. Bright splash replaces the previous muted tones, a subtle change in profile to provide a wider catch zone and weight impeccably balanced. Also, it comes with some extra goodies in package: a spare bearings, pads and Multi-Tool. European YoYo Championships will be the debut of this outstanding 2012 model, with broader general releases coming next month.