04 Feb 2014

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Vashek can WOK THE DUCK, can you? New Yinachi Onestar

07 Jul 2013

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We just got a bunch of awesome new colors in and we’re excited to show them off. First up, the ultimate looping machine, Loop 1080 is receiving a full stock in 2 new colorways. Creating the perfect looper has been a labor of love here at YoYoFactory. A challenge that has spanned over 3 years and several models. We are proud of the results and can’t wait for you to try them!





Heres another shot of the new Loop 1080 colorways. We’ve got the bright and flashy edge-glow yellow with neon pink caps for the flashy crowd. And for those looking for something more subtle and understated, clear with gold print.




The ONEstar has become a new canvas for special editions, and a mainstay for anyone looking for amazing performance at a good price. We wanted to spice things up for the latest general release with this solid red ONEstar with new cap art.


red onestar


Finally, we have a special edition ONEstar. We went with a sleek matte black finish and our popular “Triple” logo.




02 Jul 2013

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30 May 2013

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The new colorway of our very popular Paul Han ONEstar is hitting retailers worldwide. Check out Paul in action with the ONEstar in this short, but sweet, video part.


13 Apr 2013

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29 Nov 2012

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YoYoFactory has an undeniable commitment to quality and performance yoyos at every price, something that has underpinned our development of the ONEstar and also lead to the decision today to delay the launch of the ONEstar.


Original prerelease versions of the ONEstar featured a very large gap, in narrowing that gap it appears the bearing seat durability has been compromised to a degree impacting on durability and longer term performance. We apologies to everyone anticipating this launch and  reinforce our commitment to making ONEstar the best performance value plastic yoyo in the world.


A new release date has not been scheduled but we anticipate it will be early in 2013. This will effect both general release and the PAUL HAN champions collection wave 2 ONEstar.


Thank You for your support and understanding.




14 Nov 2012

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Paul Han is a yo-yo legend. After 15+ years of yo-yoing, Paul has traveled the entire world to promote yo-yoing, he has more competition titles under his belt than almost any other yo-yo player, and he is still one of the most recognizable faces in yo-yoing today. The only yo-yo that we could see matching Paul’s massive influence on the yo-yo world is the all new ONEstar. Using the popular shape of the Protostar and the unbelievably durable material of the ONE, the ONEstar is pure performance at a budget price. Top it off with a hot pink body and zebra printed caps and you have a yo-yo that is as dynamic as Paul Han.


62.2 Grams
55.25 mm Diameter
43.5 mm Wide