25 Feb 2015

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FLIGHT will launch March 7! #yyfflight (a few days earlier if you can make it to #eyyc2015). For a long time we didn’t enter the market with a Yoyo designed specifically for the competitive style known as 4a. There was a lot of other good options for players. A recent conversation with a friend and retailer finally convinced us to make this a reality. Design wise we have been recommended many ideas, some conflicting, but stuck to the elements we liked. It has a Simple design. Nothing super radical, a stepped profile. Inner foil to assist with grinding tricks. Durable thanks to premium materials (polycarbonate) and a thicker stronger axle. Easy to maintain with standard parts and spacers which are slightly looser fit. Performance wise, we think flight goes beyond exceeding at every critical test. Retail price will be around $24.99 usd

Since YoYoFactory was founded just over a decade ago there has been a conscious focus on lifting yoyo from the top end.
Supporting the best players, putting more money in their pockets and helping yoyo grow by maybe one day, making it possible for there to be career yoyo pros who have a sole goal of only playing performing and competing at yoyo.
We have supported a lot of players but admit, our work is not done and there is still a need to grow the whole of yoyo to make this possible.

With our return to the world of OFF-STRING / 4A we looked at the competitive arena and player base and have decided on a very different approach.

Instead of supporting the tiny top of the pyramid, we are going to focus on everyone below it. There are a lot of brands already supporting the top. We respect the work they have done and they can have it. We wont be ‘poaching’ talent. We aim to work to develop it. We are aware when this talent gets to the top they may step to other brands for sponsorship and we are ok with being the mechanism for growth rather than the goal.

Here is the plan.

Without paying a signature royalty, our Offstring yoyos become a little less expensive for everyone. This is important because, a) you need one to start and b) you will need multiples to compete and get better.

The main part of our plan is the FLIGHT club. This is our frequent flier program for offstring players.

BRONZE level
BRONZE level is the easiest to achieve All you need to do is register. Let us know you plan to compete with a FLIGHT and send us a picture. When you do compete, let us know and we will list you on the FLIGHT club Honor Roll.
If you cant get to a competition you can make a video, share it with your friends and we will recognize that on a different Honor Roll.

SILVER level
Place top 5 in a National or regional,or top 3 in a State Contest using a FLIGHT and you have achieved SILVER status.
Again if you cant make it to contests, Achieve 5,000 views on a FLIGHT video or an instructional set of FLIGHT videos and SILVER can be yours too.
At silver level we will arrange discounts on additional FLIGHT from participating retailers helping you build a quiver needed to get you to the next level.

GOLD level
Once you have your yoyos and have proven yourself as a competitor you can earn your GOLD status by competing in 3 contests as a SILVER level player.
There is no other way to achieve GOLD than getting out in front of people so even if you reach silver by video level you must either compete or perform at public events in front of a live audience to attain GOLD.
Gold Level will earn your GOLD WINGS (which again we will make available through participating retailers).

Platinum level
This may exist in the future but we will talk to GOLD members and see what support they need at this stage and build it once we get a few people to GOLD.

12 Jan 2015

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1st place

Brandon parra

Huynh huu loc

POLO Garbkamol

Entries with 2min+ tricks

1.Benjamin smethurst

2. Andy Lim

3.Alex Apan

4. Julian chee

5. Christopher chunn

6. Цецо Станишелски

7. POLO Garbkamol

8. “Batsuku”

9 . jaidon svori

18 Dec 2014

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More great new entries in our ongoing NEW HORIZON CONTEST

15 Dec 2014

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PK-NewHorizons-Challenge Logo-01


A List of the entries received so far….

















08 Dec 2014

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PK-NewHorizons-Challenge Logo-01

Go Beyond.  Push limits.
Upload your Best 1min+ combo Video Contest.
Points awarded for difficulty, risk, number of elements performed. Points deducted for pauses and repeated elements.
First 10 2min+ combos (no significant pauses or repetition) win a Special engraved YoYoFactory Horizon.
Contest runs: Dec 10 2014 – Jan 1 2015  (all videos MUST be uploaded by Jan 1).
Winners announced and prizes shipped Jan 14 2015.
Judge: Paul Kerbel (judges decision is FINAL)
1st Prize receives 1 of 1 special edition HORIZON + YYF YoYo Bag + 2 solid color HORIZON
2nd Prize recieves 2 solid color HORIZON
3rd Splash Horizon
Upload videos on YOUTUBE and send link to (who will confirm video received).
NO regenerations.


16 Sep 2014

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People have been asking ‘how do you do a fingerspin?’ and we had to answer so… here is Paul Kerbel!


23 Jul 2014

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If you are looking to be an extreme yoyo player isn’t it logical to look for an extreme advantage in your equiptment?  YoYoFactory have long been known for offering extremes, be it micro, long spin, or new features but today we look at two serious competitor yo-yos which push the norms.


Photo Jul 23, 9 52 34 AM

These two yo-yos are both too big to fit in our regular package and serve a very different purpose suiting two unique styles of play. They also ironically share a lot in common.


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.30.03 AM

Photo Jul 23, 9 55 58 AM

Monster came from a time where players had only just started to ditch undersized as their preferred contest yoyo in favor of what is now known as ‘full’ sized. It offered something totally foreign. In the hand it doesn’t even feel like a yoyo but on the string. It offered easier catches and ability to perform newly popularized hop tricks with greater ease. The nay-sayers claimed it impeded tech tricks, which from our standpoint was ok, yoyo play was getting tech heavy and stagnant. This promoted the type of play we wanted to see.

In contest play John Chow stood out s the champion of the concept. His tricks took play in the direction we hoped while showing little impediment on tech. His 2011 BAC 2nd place is a great example of this.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.30.10 AM

Photo Jul 23, 9 55 23 AM

Horizon  opens up a realm of performance possibilities with its longer than average spin and stability and as such continues to move away from tech tricks that occur in a 1ft box in front of a players chest. Paul Kerbel in the HORIZON debut video clearly shows he doesn’t play that way. while a lot of talk on horizon focuses on finger spin opportunities due to Pauls’ skills it is the power and spin that will matter most to more players.

The contrasts are easy to see when you place them both side by side

Photo Jul 23, 9 53 55 AM

 Horizon has a clear difference in diameter but the width of monster has to be seen to be believed. To emphasize it where is a 2 by 2 comparison

Photo Jul 23, 9 53 27 AM



Drastically different in specs and appearance it can be said that both HORIZON and MONSTER are cut from the same cloth. They push yoyo in a bigger and more visual way while still allowing the tech intricacies that appeal to many players. If you get a chance to try either we hope you do so. It just might change the way you play.

14 Jul 2014

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08 Sep 2013

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We have a great team from around the world that supports and awesome community. In Mexico we are proud to support the best players around. This video catches up with National Champion Paul Kerbel and up-and-comer Betty Gallegos.


10 Aug 2013

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Paul Kerbel is no stranger to the Worlds stage, but this year he took it to a new level! Making his way to center stage by backpacking was just the start. Be sure to check out his entire routine below.