19 May 2014

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Patrick Mitchell may be a 2x USA National 2A player but ultimately he is a yoyo player. So when he goes on a trip, he takes a yo-yo. This was a 3 day adventure around the Utah – Arizona Border early May 2014.

Plan your next adventure, and don’t forget to take a yo-yo.
YoYo: Protostar (ICONS)



07 Nov 2013

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Luke Finnell, Ibrahim Rahman, and Joe Wilson all dropped breathtaking Shutter videos!


We’re all hard at work here setting up the 2013 Arizona State YoYo Contest, It’s going to be huge! Be sure to join us on November 16th at the Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Arizona YoYo Contest 2013

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Patrick wasn’t at the office last week, he was busy in California filming for an episode of Fusion’s Good Morning Today! Watch P-Mitch keep it real!

Yo-Yo World’s Bad Boy Patrick Mitchell Shows Off at Good Morning Today

The Czech National YoYo Contest made for an insane weekend in Prague! Vashek never fails to impress, scoring a solid 2nd place with his new pro model Czech Mate. The crowd loves him just as much as we do!


Glow Collection essentials. Be sure to NOT miss out on these gorgeous new additions!

Protostar, Loop 1080

Protostar, Loop 1080

29 Nov 2012

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It’s been a minute since we saw what Gentry was up to. Looks like after US Nationals he’s got a bag full of new moves and concepts! That’s whats up!


14 Nov 2012

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Victor Gravitsky may be a well known name in the yo-yo world, but in Russia, Victor is a force to be reckoned with. Winning the national championships 3 times in a country where yo-yo popularity has exploded over the past ten years is no easy thing to do. To top it off, Victor won his third title on a plastic YoYoFactory Protostar, proving that you don’t need a $150.00 metal yo-yo to win it all. To commemorate Victor’s success, we have made him a custom Protostar, the first to feature translucent body with gold glitter, gold weight rings, and a custom logo.


65.4 Grams
56 mm Diameter
43 mm Wide