03 May 2013

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Malaysia has been a yo-yo spot for a long time, and it continues to see growth. At the core of it is 28Spin, and their physical retail shop 28DC. They are also great representatives for YoYoFactory, with a great selection of our yo-yos and producing great product videos like this new Severe piece.


09 Jan 2013

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The Severe is quickly becoming a standout model of Champions Collection. And Michał Zakrzewski is quickly becoming the new standout player of Europe! Michał puts the Severe through it’s paces with amazing control and style. We love this video, and you will too…


03 Jan 2013

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Last month found YoYoFactory in Moscow for Russian Nationals. During the contest we also had some pre-released models from Champions Collection. As the team started playing and getting to know the new offerings, it became apparent that Vashek had found a new favorite. In seasons past, Vashek has gravitated towards the Supernova profile. So, with the introduction of a smooth, machined plastic yo-yo with an inspired profile it was a no brainer. He couldn’t put it down, even outside in the Russian winter.


10 Dec 2012

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As Champions Collection hits stores all over the world, videos of the new models in use are popping up. Check out Daniel Budai putting the Severe through it’s paces in Hungary.


14 Nov 2012

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YoYoFactory’s first Machined acetal Yo-Yo, The Severe is 2012 US National Champion Tyler Severance’s newest Signature model. Take design inspiration from his very popular Supernova, the Severe is a precision machined plastic yo-yo with great weight distribution. A unique metal axle system insures smooth, reliable play and the body is finished with a soft, smooth feel that’s great in the hand, and on the string.


65.6 Grams
56.17 mm Diameter
44 mm Wide