21 Jan 2015

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Available for a limited time the REGEN is a precision machined Plastic version of Gentry Steins first signature yoyo the SUPER G. The Extreme stepped profile of the Super G lends itself fantastically to the material with loads of rim weight for unabated performance. The plastic type is a self lubricating polymer which offers not only a great feel but removes the chance of unwelcome anodize scratches like on your other precision machined yo-yos.

An essential piece for any player facing urban challenges daily.

56.5mm dia
43.5mm wide


Photo Jan 15, 2 21 23 PM

Photo Jan 15, 2 20 07 PM

Photo Jan 15, 2 19 18 PM

Photo Jan 15, 2 20 31 PM

12 Dec 2014

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By Ben McPhee/YoYoFactory

Being a part of a team isn’t for everyone. The expectation of you to do anything, especially something you do for fun for anything isn’t everyones game. The opportunities it can create however are priceless. As someone who has travelled the world and turned yo-yo into a career for the majority of my life on the planet I can’t tell you it isn’t fantastic. The relationship needs to be mutual. If you are in sponsorship for a few yo-yos and a few strings it might work, for a while, until either party looses interest. If you take it as the opportunity to put something on your back and do something it can have huge returns. It can turn into life experiences to drive you into the next phase of life, or it could become a career for you too. The experience is largely what you make it. It isn’t a formal set of rules with limits.  We started with a ‘contest team’ because it was quantifiable. Effort could be measured on results and rewards given. That didn’t work for everyone and we learnt to become flexible and learn to reward different aspects of yo-yoing.  Managing the expectations and rewarding effort is largely communications and while building a company we haven’t been the best of it in the past but we are finally getting the hang of it, so its time to grow our team. With many of our original core players added over the past 11 years less involved its time for the next generation to be welcomed to the team.


Here they are.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.59.40 PM

Betty Gallegos


Betty was always the best girl in her scene. Now she is just one of the best. Graduating from the Mexican proteges to Contest Team she is clearly #3 in Mexico and ready to show the world!



Dmitriy Akinshin


When the Juniors beat the Pros, its time to upgrade them. Welcome to the Contest Team 2014 Russian National Champ Dmitriy Akinshin!


WWZ 42014-10-04

Patrick Canny


From up there where the air is clean in Colorado Patrick Canny popped up on our radar during some Colorado tours and with his growing presence in videos and contests. His trick development is solid and we look forward to getting to know him more as he represents YoYoFactory.

WWZ 62014-10-04

Michael Stecz


Michael is not an overnight sensation. He has worked hard building his game and we have been watching him develop for a long time. Earlier this year we knew he was ready for sponsorship and his MER win, solid 8th at USA Nationals and follow-up Illinois state contest win over a stacked field confirmed it. Big future ahead.

pic by: Oleg Matveev

pic by: Oleg Matveev

Wilson Van Gundy

Wilson is a little bit quieter than your average yoyo kid…. until he throws the yo-yo. Technically superior to a lot of older competitors a little more consistency and Wilson is going to place at every contest he competes in.


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.39.01 AM

Chandler Steele


YoYoFactory is West Coast centric. We are out in Arizona, and we see a long more of the west coast scene but when someone starts making a name for themselves East of the Rockies throwing our product news starts getting back to us pretty quickly. It didn’t take too much following along to see Chandler Steele is the real deal.


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.40.33 AM

Jake Rimmer


Jake doesn’t have the big results yet, but we can see where he is headed. It takes a lot for wins in SoCal. In if you can make it there, you don’t need to make it in New York to make it anywhere.


16 Sep 2014

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19 Aug 2014

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Gentry Stein, 18yo of Chico California is the 2014 World YoYo Champion defeating all comers in the premier 1A division at the World Yoyo Contest held in Prague Czech Republic. Seeded to semi finals as USA National Champion Gentry took first place in the semi finals  and again in the finals in front of a packed house at the Archa Theatre in an atmosphere more like a rock concert than a yoyo contest. Second place went to Takeshi Matsuura of Japan, 3rd Iori Yamaki of Japan and 4th to Gentrys’ teammate Paul Kerbel of Mexico.


Full results:





08 Jul 2014

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Gentry Stein is touring in Japan this month with REWIND store. This weekend he hit 800-YOYO CLASS with Daiki, Shu John and Eiji of YoYoFactory Team in JapanScreen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.05.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.05.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.05.19 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.05.10 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.05.02 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.03.23 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.03.10 AM

25 Mar 2014

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YoYoFactory is still on #YYFTour14 and this week we are in Kansas City with Go Big Skill Toys!

If you are in the area and want to come hand out Tyler, Joe, and Clint will be at Go Big everyday from 3:30 to 6:00 this whole week. Come by and learn some tricks!

Go Big Skill Toys

12156 Shawnee Mission Prkway, Kansas




06 Mar 2014

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Our first stop on tour has concluded! Speaking to you from Salt Lake City Utah at the moment. But our last week in Nevada City is what I want to talk about. It being our first stop we had our share of troubles, but those were outweighed heavily by our experiences! First we broke down from Phoenix to San Fransisco, after that fiasco we had a exciting sleepless PNWR weekend. Then Nevada City! During our 5 days we had demonstrations at 9 schools and taught kids how to yo yo everyday at Mountain Pastimes. We had incredible turnouts! Everyday we had more kids than the last! By the end of the week all the kids were talking about a club and how they could all continue to practice yoyoing. Nevada City, Success!

Words from us.

Tyler Severance

” With every tour there are challenges, but in Nevada city they were mainly good ones. There was only so much space to teach new players. There were only so many people who were able to teach new players. But toward the end of the week when the rain started things got more cramped. With that showed up all the local players who were a huge help with new players, and entertaining parents.”

Joe Wilson

” The Nevada city stop on tour was great! We noticed early that the city was small, so we were hoping to reach out to most of the kids. As the week went on we noticed an increase in kids each day leading up to the contest on Friday . I’m positive that our visit brought the most kids to mountain past times than ever befor . My favorite part from that town was that I was able to make a difference in a child’s life. At the end of the week a kid gave me a letter telling me I got him back into yoyoing . The feeling of making an impact on a kid who I never met before made all the work worth it.”

Clint Armstrong

” This 80 70 80 Tour is YoYoFactory’s longest tour ever. We’ve had a lot of build up going into it. We could not have had a better start than with Nevada City! The dedication and passion that the local kids showed was so inspiring. Putting a yoyo into someone’s hand and then seeing them improve in a matter of minutes Is a feeling I can’t put into words. Nevada City is a very quaint town, and is a small community in itself. I would love to go back in a year and see how far the yoyo community has grown!





05 Jan 2014

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Ginji Miura in a new mind blowing video showing off his 2a play.

Loop 1080~

11 Dec 2013

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The new SPLASH/BLASTED John Ando edition Superstar is available worldwide this week.



Check it in Action



19 Nov 2013

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The Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest went down this weekend. In 1a Clint Armstrong took home his first ever contest win. Newman Becker winning 3a, and Daniel Mizell winning 4a!

Clint Armstrong Shutter