14 Mar 2012

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Last year saw Paul Kerbel competing in major contests all over the Americas. Stops in Boston, MA and Orlando FL. Along with contests in Mexico, Paul has been hard at work perfecting his tricks. In his first major contest of the year Paul pulls out all the stops and clenches an amazing 2nd place victory at Mexico Nationals.


07 Mar 2012

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There is no question, Gentry Stein is a rising star in yo-yoing. Last season he made his mark on the contest scene with multiple wins, and high places at some of the most prestigious contests in the world. In the 2012 season he plans to do even better. After his win the weekend before at PNWR, Gentry set his sights on his home states title, California Champion, and got it. We are all looking forward to seeing what he has to show at the Bay Area Classic in May.


01 Mar 2012

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Kanyao Deng is one of the well-known players in Chongqing, China. He has been yoyoing for more than 7 years. His skills with the yoyo have always put him in top rank at  the local yoyo contests. Tall, sophisticated 1A tricks can briefly describe this yoyo-hearted youngster. He has shown his eagerness to join the YoYoFactory team, and after a period of observation, we believe Deng has great potential to go further, a little polish on his skill is all he needed.


YoYoFactory proudly announces Kanyao Deng as the newest member of YYF Protege Team and we look forward to seeing him breaking through in upcoming contests. “are you YOYOFACTORY”?


06 Feb 2012

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Last December, YoYoFactory embarked on the 1st China Tour with Ann Connolly and Paul Han. For almost 3 weeks Paul and Ann toured Hong Kong and China demonstrating at Toys R Us, sight seeing and doing TV appearances. Here’s a great performance they did for a Hong Kong news show.


02 Feb 2012

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For John Chow’s second edition of the Monster we went with a more tonal colorway. Instead of a stark dark and light contrast we went with a softer transition between acid washed blues. Expect this to hit select accounts soon.




30 Jan 2012

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After bowing out of EYYC ’11 due to a serious injury, Vashek returns to the European YoYo Championships stage in 2012. And the hometown favorite doesn’t let his fans down. Vashek has as seamless blend of tech tricks and energetic stage presence that is hard to rival.


03 Jan 2012

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Tyler Severance, and his Protegé Tyler Goldenberg, put out a new video featuring some of their latest tricks with the Supernova. It’s been interesting watching Tyler Goldenberg’s growth as a player since he’s been on the Protegé team. And, as always, Tyler Severance brings his best; and it just keeps getting better.


Champion vs. Protege. Master vs. Apprentice. Tyler vs. Tyler.



31 Dec 2011

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Vashek Kroutil is an electric player. Whether it’s the roar of the crowd when he takes the stage, or an elegant video like this one, Vashek delivers what few can. Amazing, stylish tricks and trademark flow. Shot in Berlin, Germany.


30 Dec 2011

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One of the undeniable greats, Jason Lee, has released a new video with Sector Y. Shot in London, England.



Also, make sure to check out the Bonus Footage. Alternative angles and side by side comparisons give even more depth to Jason’s amazing skill set.


21 Dec 2011

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Last Month when Augie visited YoYoFactory, Miguel shot this great video.