03 Jan 2012

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Tyler Severance, and his Protegé Tyler Goldenberg, put out a new video featuring some of their latest tricks with the Supernova. It’s been interesting watching Tyler Goldenberg’s growth as a player since he’s been on the Protegé team. And, as always, Tyler Severance brings his best; and it just keeps getting better.


Champion vs. Protege. Master vs. Apprentice. Tyler vs. Tyler.



31 Dec 2011

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Vashek Kroutil is an electric player. Whether it’s the roar of the crowd when he takes the stage, or an elegant video like this one, Vashek delivers what few can. Amazing, stylish tricks and trademark flow. Shot in Berlin, Germany.


30 Dec 2011

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One of the undeniable greats, Jason Lee, has released a new video with Sector Y. Shot in London, England.



Also, make sure to check out the Bonus Footage. Alternative angles and side by side comparisons give even more depth to Jason’s amazing skill set.


21 Dec 2011

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Last Month when Augie visited YoYoFactory, Miguel shot this great video.


20 Dec 2011

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John Chow has had a great 2011 contest season. And now, this amazing video featuring his new signature edition Monster.


19 Dec 2011

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Shaqler is hands down, the BEST. World Champions. Decades of experience. And a great bunch of guys to hang out with. Check out their recent performance on Japanese TV.


16 Dec 2011

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One of the rising stars in yoyoing, Chris Frasier. Shot on location in Chicago, Illinois.


09 Dec 2011

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A month ago Clint Armstrong was just a kid we saw at contests. Somewhere along the way his sponsor decided he would be better off with us. We didn’t really know him at the time but liked him a lot once we got to know him.



Clint plays YoYo. ALL THE TIME. Welcome to YoYoFactory Contest team.



This year at US Nationals Clint scored a PERFECT in his prelim. And if you think that’s good, you should see him practice for Worlds. This kid is going places.

09 Dec 2011

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A few weeks ago we had a special guest here at YoYoFactory…



Mr Augie Fash!



Augie is getting ready for a world tour, and he’ll have plenty of these autograph cards with him. If you get a change to meet him make sure to get one signed.



One of our display cases, featuring the artwork and signature editions of Augie. We’ll need to make room for the new Catalyst.



Augie and Miggy go over some last details of Augie’s new video…


Be sure to check it out: “Augie Fash, Yo-yo Tricks: The Jason Tapes”


19 Oct 2011

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A video of John Ando