21 Apr 2015

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This Sunday (April 26) Vashek Kroutil and Ann Connolly will be in London for Shaketastic and the new
They will be performing and hanging out at the SHAKETASTIC anniversary party at Mill Hill. HCome watch, learn some tricks and if you’re one of the first 50 to arrive will get an exclusive limited edition ShakeTastic YoYo


04 Feb 2014

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Vashek can WOK THE DUCK, can you? New Yinachi Onestar

07 Nov 2013

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Luke Finnell, Ibrahim Rahman, and Joe Wilson all dropped breathtaking Shutter videos!


We’re all hard at work here setting up the 2013 Arizona State YoYo Contest, It’s going to be huge! Be sure to join us on November 16th at the Desert Ridge Marketplace!

Arizona YoYo Contest 2013

AZyoyo site header 1


Patrick wasn’t at the office last week, he was busy in California filming for an episode of Fusion’s Good Morning Today! Watch P-Mitch keep it real!

Yo-Yo World’s Bad Boy Patrick Mitchell Shows Off at Good Morning Today

The Czech National YoYo Contest made for an insane weekend in Prague! Vashek never fails to impress, scoring a solid 2nd place with his new pro model Czech Mate. The crowd loves him just as much as we do!


Glow Collection essentials. Be sure to NOT miss out on these gorgeous new additions!

Protostar, Loop 1080

Protostar, Loop 1080

14 Oct 2013

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Lots happening in the world of YoYo. We finished up a tour in California that started in Chico the week before Nationals and ended up in Santa Cruz where we ran the 2nd Annual Santa Cruz City Contest. lead by Tyler Severance this years crew featured Jason Lee, Clint Armstrong and Cory Hendon.


Thousands of new player were introduced to YoYo along the way. Thanks to all those who helped us out making this possible.


In Europe The Slusny crew + Ann hit the road again.This weekend they headed to Hungarian Nationals (Sponsored by YoYoFactory Europe). Boldog Gabor threw it down for the team taking 4th place. While Vashek took out the international division and Ann rounded out the top ten.

Slusny keep rolling this week visiting Olomouc, a beautiful city in the east of the Czech Republic in lands known as Moravia.

Ann in Olomouc


Coming up this week SHUTTER blasted goes into production, We begin designing the 2014 metal line and are in Shanghai at Shanghai Toy Fair!  Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

05 Jul 2013

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The Yo-Yo scene is strong in Prague, and leading the charge is Vashek. Whether he’s manning his shop, Slusny or touring the US and Europe, he’s always teaching and spreading the Yo-Yo. No idea when he finds time to create so many great tricks and move. Check out the new video part below showcasing his June 2013 tricks.


15 Mar 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 4.34.52 PM

To show the long, stable spinning of the Ricochet we gathered some of the best in the world to test how long they could make a trick on the Ricochet. In the next few days we’ll be releasing single trick videos from Harold, Paul, Clint and Vashek to show you the Ricochet going through some serious testing. Who will have the longest trick? Moreover, how long can YOU throw for?



Paul Han rips through his long trick with the Ricochet! He’s not one to waste time or speed in a freestyle. Clocking in at 30.7 seconds, it’s clear he could have hit a longer trick. Just watch how much spin is left when it returns to the hand. That’s the power of Titanium! Think you can beat him? March 17th the Ricochet releases and you’ll have a chance to shine, or spark!



Next, we have Harold Owens III throwing down his long Ricochet trick. Clocking in at a strong 48 seconds, that’s almost 1 throw for a qualifying round! When every second of a prelim counts, don’t you want to maximize your time by not having to return and throw your yo-yo more then you need to? On March 17th you can!



Coming in at 55.5 seconds on the Ricochet… multi-time Czech National Champion, and European Champion, Vashek! That’s pretty close to a 1 minute freestyle, in 1 throw. And with the tricks he’s doing, he would be one of the top qualifiers.



Clint Armstrong, as his last name would suggest, hit it with a huge 1:18.3 second on the Ricochet!


Now, it’s your turn! Ricochet hits stores this weekend, March 17th. For those lucky enough to score one, we want to see how long you can go with 1 throw! Who’s in?

03 Jan 2013

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Last month found YoYoFactory in Moscow for Russian Nationals. During the contest we also had some pre-released models from Champions Collection. As the team started playing and getting to know the new offerings, it became apparent that Vashek had found a new favorite. In seasons past, Vashek has gravitated towards the Supernova profile. So, with the introduction of a smooth, machined plastic yo-yo with an inspired profile it was a no brainer. He couldn’t put it down, even outside in the Russian winter.


22 Dec 2012

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30 Jan 2012

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After bowing out of EYYC ’11 due to a serious injury, Vashek returns to the European YoYo Championships stage in 2012. And the hometown favorite doesn’t let his fans down. Vashek has as seamless blend of tech tricks and energetic stage presence that is hard to rival.


17 Jan 2012

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Vashek Kroutil will win/loose/draw/rock the European YoYo Championships, that we know already. It was our job to create a memorable yoyo for him to do the job with. Great tones of Blue with green splash on this Super Nova. Logo on one side, Vashek Supernova mash-up on the other. It gives me great pleasure to present the final YoYoFactory EYYC player edition yoyo: the VK 5!