14 Nov 2012

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Victor Gravitsky may be a well known name in the yo-yo world, but in Russia, Victor is a force to be reckoned with. Winning the national championships 3 times in a country where yo-yo popularity has exploded over the past ten years is no easy thing to do. To top it off, Victor won his third title on a plastic YoYoFactory Protostar, proving that you don’t need a $150.00 metal yo-yo to win it all. To commemorate Victor’s success, we have made him a custom Protostar, the first to feature translucent body with gold glitter, gold weight rings, and a custom logo.


65.4 Grams
56 mm Diameter
43 mm Wide


29 May 2012

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Last week was the Amateur Spring Yo-Yo Contest in Russia. On hand were YoYoFactory team members, and they did very well.


Igor Galiev 2nd 1A SuperStar Division

Victor Gravitsky 4th 1A SuperStar Division



Aleksandr Pelevin 1A SuperStar Division


26 Jan 2012

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Hot off his Russian National YoYo Contest win last month Victor Gravitsky took the stage at the European YoYo Contest with 2 of his special edition Catalysts. Putting on a great performance and making the motherland proud Victor held it down with his 8th place finish in 1A.


17 Jan 2012

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After walking on stage with one Protostar for Russian Nationals, Victor will be better outfitted to take on Europe with this Catalyst. Bright, soft finish and a Center Trac included. Player ready….